Zigbee War Flying


See full details at: http://iotworm.eyalro.net

For our war-flying we found a more interesting target. An office building in the city of Beer Sheva hosting some well-known security companies and also the Israeli CERT.

We have installed several Philips Hue lights in one floor to test our attack.

We have mounted our attack kit on a drone and started our attack from a range of 350 meters

The video starts with an external footage of the drone taking off at a range of 350 meters. The evaluation board of the attack kit can be seen hanging on a one meter USB cable beneath the drone.

After the takeoff we switch to the drone’s high quality camera. Right after liftoff it is already possible to see the light effects starting in the distance. As the drone gets closer to the building, the ZigBee channel gets more reliable, and we are able to affect more lights, and the flickering becomes more regular.

When the drone hovers in front of the building, the second phase of our attack can be seen. The lights have been “kidnaped” from their controller and are crying for help, signaling S O S repeatedly in Morse code.