U.S. Admits Fault in Fatal Bombing That Killed 24 Pakistani Troops


www.democracynow.org — The Pentagon has admitted significant responsibility for an attack on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border last month that left 24 Pakistani solders dead. A military investigation found U.S. and Afghan commandos incorrectly determined there were no Pakistani forces in the area before the airstrike. U.S. officials then provided inaccurate data to a Pakistani military representative and missed an opportunity to stop the fighting. Pakistan closed its border after the attack, shutting off a supply line to troops in Afghanistan. New York Times reporter Eric Schmitt, who has just returned from Pakistan, says the report details just the latest in a string of incidents that could hurt Pakistani-U.S. ties. “It’s going to be very difficult to see how they’re going to work their way out of this now despite the important relationship that the U.S. and Pakistan has, not only over counter-terrorism priorities, but also given that Pakistan is a nuclear state and there’s a lot of concern if those nuclear weapons or any nuclear material were ever to fall into militant hands.”

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