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Founded by songwriter, producer and sound healer, Taylor Nelson, The Journey of One Music Project uses music to heal one’s state of mind from fear to a state of One Love . “The Journey of One: Vol. 1” CD is the first official release of the groundbreaking project.

On “The Journey of One: Vol. 1” Taylor masterfully blends the sounds of ambient, psychedelic, drone effects and meditative music, without losing the trademark Hip-Hop influence much of his music is known for.

Each song on “The Journey of Love: Vol.1” is intentionally produced and arranged to peacefully take the listener on a life altering journey beyond time and space, connecting them with the Oneness of Love that lives in us all.

“Love is energy and it is the energy of Love that is infused in all of my songs. From my lyrics to the arrangement of the instruments, the intention behind my music is to free the world from fear through the miracle of Love.”

~ Taylor Nelson ~

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At the age of 19 Taylor is already pushing the boundaries of electronic music by creatively and brilliantly blending sounds of ambient, psychedelic, and meditative music, with a highly distinct and unique combination of Hip-Hop style rhythms and drone sound effects.

A natural sound healer and a self-taught musician, Taylor passionately believes in the healing power of music, as both a form of entertainment and as a platform for inspiring and healing others. He first began composing songs when he was only eight years old. Since then he has grown into a rare multi-faceted musician, songwriter and producer.

His groundbreaking collection of songs are infused with a natural understanding that the emotional content of a song is what engages and draws in the listener. Whether a song contains lyrics or it is an electronic, meditative driven piece, all of Taylor’s music delivers a universal theme of Love via the ageless message of Unity and True Peace.


Thank you for listening to this song. Your journey to this video is gratefully appreciated. Enjoy the music.

Sending you Love & Peace

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