The sky is the Limit – High Alpha Media 2013 showreel


100% Aerial shot by the creatives @ High Alpha Media.


The sky is the limit…

‘The sky is the limit’ is the latest output from High Alpha Media, raising the bar as to what is possible using our r/c helicopter/drone technology to capture footage never seen before.

We can provide conventional crane/dolley style shots to steadicam style footage through tight spaces to launch and capture aerials in the same sequence, to the technical multi-camera angles as you will see through this ground breaking short film.

Footage was shot at the following locations:
– Chittagong, Bangladesh / Channel 7 Sunday Night Program
– Australia wide / The Mole – Fremantle Media
– Yarra Valley / Honda
– Wagga Wagga / Nitro Circus
– Maidstone / Mercedes Benz Trucks
– Clipsal 500 Adelaide / Ken Block
– Melbourne / The Block – Channel 9
– Karratha / Citic Pacific Mining
– Wollongong / SBS
– Geelong quarry / Damler Chrysler Trucks

A very special thanks to the High Alpha Media crew – Tony and Micky, and all the others who made this possible.

The sky is the limit!

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