The second model of the Ecilop aircraft


In this model, I used a compact version of the new inertial camera stabilization system. The operating principle of the new stabilization system was explained in my previous video. One drone uses a gravity vector sensor for image stabilization. The second one uses optical infrared horizon sensors for detecting the horizon and stabilizing the camera. Installation of the horizon sensor on a stabilizable part of the platform ensures a more precise reaction to a deflection. The gyroscopes operate in the AVCS mode and the servo-units are modified for cyclic rotation. The camera is stabilized along two rotation axes. A third axis is not used, since it makes the mount heavier and less rigid, which adversely affects the image quality.
In order to avoid some accidents, an additional protective frame can be equipped.
Apart from this, a rescue system has been designed and patented. Two parachutes are fired sideways in the opposite directions.
Drone can have hardpoints for 6 droppable grenades.

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