The Eternal Twilight – Another Quiet Morning : October, Hills & You (Official Music Video)


Official music video (made by Will Faulkner) for our song “Another Quiet Morning” from upcoming EP called “Another Quiet Day”.

NOTE : The song used in this music video is not mastered. A mastered version appears only in the actual album.

Download album (will be available publicly ON 17th December 2011):

“Another Quiet Day” is sophomore effort by now, multi national ambient/drone/post-rock/ethereal band, The Eternal Twilight.
It will officially, mark as the first release of The Eternal Twilight as a 4 men band and all members belonging to different countries.
The band officially started as a duo and released their debut effort called “Everything Resembles You” in early 2011.
“Everything Resembles You” garnered good reviews and helped them to build a dedicated fan base.
They got interviewed by MTVDesi and got signed to one of the most known post-rock labels around, Oxide Tones.
With “Another Quiet Day”, the change of direction can be noticed.
The idea of EP is, to capture the essence of different times of the day (in outdoors) musically as well as visually. Its an indirect tribute to the Himalayas.
For the very same reason, the band teamed up with a visual artist named Will Faulkner from UK.
Will produced two music videos for the EP and even album art. Each track also has its unique corresponding image/art which is included in download.
Musically, “Another Quiet Day” features multiple range of soundscapes mixed with field recordings, from complex delayed and echoed Guitar Textures Loops to Resonating and Hypnotic atmospherics with samples of Acoustic Guitar Bowed to Guitar Swells to Ethereal Wall of Sound.
The sound on this EP is somewhat departure from their debut and here, they put more focus on carefully crafted complex floating & droning ambient textures. The influences are very obvious ranging from likes of Hammock, Rhian Sheehan, Riceboy Sleeps, umber and so forth. While other non musical influence include, otherworldly beauty of the mighty Himalayas, Nature and lot more.
The band hopes to widen their horizon even more with their next full length.
In addition, the track “Another Quiet Afternoon” from the EP also appeared on futuresequence’s SEQUENCE2 compilation which featured many known artists from around the world including the likes of Rhian Sheehan, Nobuto Suda, Maps and Diagrams, Nils Frahm and Anne muller and a lot more.
One of the bonus tracks, “Sky is No More a Friend : A Goodbye” also features collaboration with UK based Good Weather for an Airstrike.

1. Another Quiet Morning : October, Hills and You
2. Another Quiet Afternoon
3. Another Quiet Evening
4. Another Quiet Night
5. Bonus : Sky is No More a Friend : A Goodbye (feat. Good Weather for an Airstrike)
6. Bonus : Another Quiet Night (Alternate Ambient Version)

Music videos of “Another Quiet Morning : October, Hills and You” & “Another Quiet Afternoon” by, Will Faulkner.
Album art by Will Faulkner.

Additional extra photos by Noor and Aasheesh Mehta (My Metal Bin).

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