XK X300 – Indoor Flight with Visual Positioning (Non GPS Position Hold) – part 2


Get the FPV version from: https://goo.gl/8IyxoP
WiFi controlled version: https://goo.gl/wpbJu5
The XK X300 is one of the most advanced budget drones of 2017. It come with altitude hold and position hold by the aid of a optical flow sensor array. This quadcopter will hold the position indoor without GPS signal.

Music by Joakim Karud https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud


XK X300 quadcopter with optical flow positioning and altitude hold


Buy it at Gearbest: https://goo.gl/FX57kN
Gearbest 3rd Anniversary sale: https://goo.gl/3i4Utu

Pardon the low light in some parts, my camera was on the wrong setting

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Overall the XK X300 has become one of my quadcopters to fly, the position hold works great with the optical flow sensor and the altitude hold holds height pretty good.

Flight times are great at around 13-15 minutes and the camera records some decent video with no video jello. The FPV has a pretty clear pictures with only small amounts of signal loss (static) and a very small (maybe 200ms max) latency.

Position hold works better with surfaces that have a slight pattern and something like a solid sheet of snow won’t hold position very well.

As I said at the beginning this is one of my favorite quadcopters and I’m pretty happy with it.


xk x300-F 5.8ghz fpv optical + barometric hold rc quadcopter


xk x300-F 5.8ghz fpv version

xk x300-W wifi fpv version

Awesome quadcopter with altitude hold via barometric pressure sensor and optical flow sensor positioning which also helps in the horizontal hold as well so as not to drift once it has situated itself for steady videos and photos. Impressive 5.8ghz module all in one which the 8 frequencies can be switched remotely from the transmitter as well as the 4.3″ LCD monitor which has 8 frequencies that can be switched of its own.

aio vtx frequencies are : 5730 – 5870
monitor frequencies are : 5725 – 5865

Goggles or other monitors can be used for the fpv using those frequencies.

Although the fpv image has a bit of static, the built in dvr on the module records raw video for static free recording.

one key to take off and land is by long pressing on the function button.

It is an awesome all in one package!!!

There was an additional 4 minutes of flight time left after landing the fpv goggles session.

check out this link


XK X300 quadcopter Peek at Optical Flow


XK X300 quadcopter with optical flow positioning and air pressure altitude hold mode, the quadcopter can maintain at the desired height even flying at less than 8m above the ground outdoors. Price Check • http://dronemission.com/find/xkx300.php

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