Sân banh Phúc Nhạc – Parrot Bebop Drone


Sân banh phúc nhạc, 2017, Quay bằng parrot bebop


Professional backpack fits for Parrot Bebop 2 with Sky Controller 2 and googles made by MCCASES




Rorschach See von oben: Badehütte und Promenade (filmed by Bebop 2)


10.3.2017, flight over Rorschach Coast with Bebop 2 Drone (less than 500g) next to the coast of lake of constance (Bodensee)


Drone Flight – Parrot Bebop 2 – 22 JAN 2017 (Turn video quality to HD to enjoy the video)


A short HD flight by my Parrot Bebop 2 drone. Enjoy! Subscribe if you like


Dave’s Allotment Greenhouse Assembly. Day Two. Plus Drone Test Flight.


After a week of work, I made the most of a day off, and spent a few hours cracking on with the greenhouse assembly.
Things are starting to come together, so this little vid shows the progress.
Thanks goes to Martin and Ray for helping me figure out some tricky parts..lol.
The next vid will be on Sunday and weather permitting the glass should be going in, and the epic greenhouse will be complete.
Also some drone footage.
Thanks for watching.


DJI Phantom 2 | GoPro Hero 4 Silver Footage


Please watch: “Breath taking Iceland – Travel Film”


The first shots from My Drone
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DJI Phantom 2 With GoPro Hero 4 Silver and no Gimbal or FPV Rig


CoD: Advanced Warfare – Drone Mission 4K60FPS


Video of this mission in 4K60. Not the very best game out there. Feels dated and graphics look pretty terrible even on max settings. This video has been …


Презентация Sky Way, RSW systems, Струнный транспорт Юницкого


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Sky Factory 2 Episode 8 ME System with automated mob farm!


The me system may seem like it takes a lot, but it is the greatest thing that here ever can be with storage and with the auto mob farm that will be upgraded!

Hope you all are enjoying its a lot of fun to play
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Into by D7oM Designer https://www.youtube.com/user/D7oMDesigner
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Going into battle with a sub $300 quadcopter. The most danger your quadcopter will ever see


Putting a couple hundred dollars right in the literal line of fire(works).
Some 80grn mortars make good targets to fly a quad at. It was charged and we had plenty of mortars, so I figured I’d get as close to an Arial explosion as I could manage. I got pretty close,