Graupner Alpha 110 FPV RTF Drone True Tiny Whoop Killer! part 1 of a 2 part series


Review of the Graupner Alpha 110 FPV Drone. The Drone that does what the Tiny Whoop can’t.

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This is the first in a two part review of the Alpha110. I like many of you have the Tiny Whoop and have loved it. I just don’t like that its not very suited for flying outdoors.

The Graupner 110 promises a fast, robust flyer to fly both inside and out. in this first video we will do a tabletop review and the second will be a flying review.



Recensione Eachine VR-007 visore fpv per droni racing – ITA


Overview dei goggles economici per FPV venduti da Eachine. Un best buy per chi si avvicina al mondo dell’FPV!

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Link Banggood:


Arriva in una confezione nera che ha protetto bene il prodotto durante il trasporto e nella quale sono inclusi i googles, un’antenna dipolo standard, la batteria da 1600mAh, un cavo usb per ricaricare la batteria e un manuale di istruzioni.
Trattandosi di un prodotto Prime l’ho ricevuto in un giorno lavorativo usufruendo anche delle politiche di garanzia A-Z di amazon.

Ero molto indeciso ed infatti ho acquistato da Amazon proprio perché avrei potuto effettuare il reso in caso l’esperienza d’uso non fosse stata soddisfacente.

Le perplessità nascevano dalla bassa risoluzione dello schermo che pensavo si traducesse in distrazione durante l’uso. In realtà complice il fatto che lo schermo è più piccolo dei classici 480p (si tratta di un 4.2 pollici invece dei classici 5 pollici) e grazie anche alla lente di buona qualità l’esperienza d’uso è ottima e non ho avuto alcun problema.

Un grandissimo vantaggio di questo prodotto rispetto ai concorrenti sta proprio nella dimensione dello schermo che ha permesso al produttore di creare un design compatto e che si traduce in un device leggero e molto ergonomico che non affatica nemmeno durante sessioni prolungate.

Il dispositivo ha un tasto vicino all’antenna con connettore rpSMA per la scansione automatica tra i canali della ricevente in modo da individuare semplicemente il flusso video del vostro modello. Sul lato destro troviamo altri tre tasti, con i due esterni ci si effettuano le regolazioni mentre con il centrale ci si sposta tra i vari parametri da modificare (potete vederlo meglio nel video).

La batteria integrata ha una durata ottima, non mi è mai successo di scaricarla completamente in una sessione di volo ed ha il vantaggio di essere ricaricabile tramite usb che significa poterla ricaricare anche quando si è all’aperto utilizzando un power bank classico da smartphone.


Walkera Rodeo 110 FPV Racer Drone – First Flight – TheRcSaylors


Buy the Roder 110 Race Drone Here –
I’ve had my hands on quite a few race drones, ranging from 250 size “normal” racers, down to plastic “indoor” only builds and from complete scratch drones to RTF units! Now, I’ve never flown anything this small, and of such High Quality, until Now! Enter the Walkera Rodeo 110 Ready To Fly Race Drone. Today will be my first flight, and first attempt at recording an FPV flight for everyone! It’s an absolute Blast to fly, and handles so much better than I expected it to. Enjoy! Also, sorry about the poor quality recording. I’m going to play around with my set up and see if I can get a better image next time, though keep in mind, this only looked this poor on the DVR receiver and not my goggles.

Buy the Walkera Rodeo 110 RTF Here –
Buy the Walkera Rodeo 110 BNF Here –
Buy my goggles here –
I just bought extra batteries for my 110 after this flight here –

Specifications from website:
Walkera Rodeo 110
Size: 101 x 117 x 55mm
Weight: 101g ( not including battery )
Receiver: Rodeo 110
Flight controller: Rodeo 110 F3
Brushless motor: WK-WS-13-002A
Brushless ESC: Rodeo 110
LiPo battery: 7.4V 850mAh 25C 2S
Fight time: 6 minutes

Image Transmission
Frequency: 5.8G
Channels: 40
Power: 25mW ( CE ); 100mW ( FCC )
Transmission power: 600mW
Transmission distance: 500m ( 600mW )

TV system: PAL / NTSC
Resolution: 600TVL HD
Video output: 1.0Vp-p 75ohm
Power input: DC 12V

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Happy New Year from the Gab707 family!


!!DISCLAIMER!! there seems to be some issues to watch this on some phones. Sorry about that, it works on pc’s and some phones.
Another year passes by, and I’m so amazed at how much things have changed! Thanks to everyone for an amazing year, thanks for the love and support. Please sit back, crank up the volume and enjoy this moment :). To 2017!
Location: Hübschhorn East ridge, Simplon pass, Switzerland

To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email

This is what I saw while flying (the fpv feed)

This is what the gopro on the drone recorded, before we ran it through reelsteady, the stabilization software

Thanks to my sponsors for believing in me!
Thanks also to Reelsteady who stabilized this clip for me!

Drone Setup:
Camera: Gopro session 4
Drone frame: Strix Awk210
Emax RS2205-s 2300kv
Strix Talon props 5×4.5
Strix 1550 4s 95c Battery
BrainFpv RE1+mPb
TBS unify vtx
TrueRC prototype antenna
DYS XS-30A esc’s
L9R rx

On the ground:
Fatshark HD2 goggles
Furious fpv 5.8ghz module
TrueRC X2air antenna
VAS omni cloverleaf antenna

Donna Lucia (From “Spectre” Soundtrack) – Thomas Newman


Parrot JUMPING NIGHT and JUMPING RACE Drones Full Review


With last year’s Jumping Sumo, Parrot broke new ground with its first rolling drone, providing a unique and fun iOS-controlled rover that provided the ability to zip around, capture photos and video, and perform jumping stunts. Now, Parrot has taken the single Jumping Sumo and branched it off into separate racing and night models, each with different color options. Both the Jumping Night and Jumping Race Drones operate in much the same way, other than a few specific key differentiating features, so we’re taking a look at both of them in a single review, noting the options that are specific to only one unit or the other.

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D.R.O.N.E. Arena Editor #3 – Painting


D.R.O.N.E. is a community driven sci-fi multiplayer arena-shooter with focus on creativity. It’s currently in the making and recently announced by Five Studios Interactive. Compete in an ever growing number of community created arenas, with your own unique drone designs, to become the smoothest drone operator in the galaxy.

This is the third episode of our arena-editor series, which is all about painting. The footage is recorded in-game with an internal pre-alpha build.

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Walkera Rodeo 110 Racing FPV QuadCopter 30 Second Quick Look and Parts Links


Walkera Rodeo 110 Racing Drone

Aircraft Specifications:
• Fully Equipped Tiny Agile Racing Quadcopter Drone
• Super Stable Flight with the New Technology
• Advanced Components
• New F3 FC Mainstream Controller System, Fully Featured, Stable, Responsive, and 3 Flight Modes.
• Upgrade Port
• External RX Port for SBUS or PPM Receivers
• Camera Guard / Front End Grill
• Low Battery Alarm (Beeps)
• Bright LED white headlight
• ESC’s and Video Transmitter are installed detachably
• Plug and Play (Simple to assemble and disassemble)
• Closed Modular design (Easy to repair and maintain)
• Carbon Fiber Frame (Housing Structure)
• 110mm Wheelbase
• 5.8Ghz Live Video Transmission Technology
• PCB Circuit Board
• Newly Designed Ultra Durable Tri-blades (triple blade propellers)
• Main Rotor Diameter: 70mm (2 screws per prop)
• Tricks: Flips, Rolls, Power, etc.
• Overall (L x W x H): 101 x 117 x 55mm
• Weight: 101g (battery excluded)
• Weight with battery: 147g
• Remote Controller: DEVO 7 Devention Radio (7-channel)
• Receiver and controller: Rodeo 110
• 5.8Ghz Video Transmitter: TX5836 (FCC)
• Brushless Motor: WK-WS-13-002
• ESC: Rodeo 110
• Battery: 7.4V 850mAh 25C 2S Li-Po
• 2 Pin JST Connector
• 2S Li-Po Battery Charger
• Flight Time: 7~8 mins
• Working Temperature: -10℃ ~ +40℃
• Camera: 600TVL HD Horizontal Resolution, PAL/NTSC, DC 5-12V Power Input, 1.0Vp-p/75 Video Output

DEVO 7 Specifications:
• Devo 7 Devention Radio
• Frequency: 2.4Ghz(DSSS)
• Output power: ≤100mW
• Current Drain: ≤230mA(100mW)
• Power Supply: Batteries (8x)1.5V or NiMH (8x)1.2V 1600-2000mAh
• Output Pulse: 1000-2000mS (1500Ms Neutral)
• Mode 2 (Left Hand Throttle) Left Stick- THRO / RUDD; Right Stick – ELEV / AILE
• Mode 2: Left stick controls altitude and heading and the right stick controls its forward, backwards, left, and right movements.
TX5836(FCC) Transmitter:
• 5.8Ghz Wireless Image Transmission
• TX5836(FCC) Bind B Section: 8 Channels
• TX5836(FCC) Output Power ≤200mW
• First Person View (FPV)

3 Flight Modes:
• Stabilize: Relatively Stable and cannot roll or flip. (Devo 7 Mix Switch position: 0)
• Intermediate: Relatively Flexible, partially stabilized, and can flip and roll. (Devo 7 Mix Switch position: 1)
• Advanced: Very Flexible, no stabilization, flip and rolls! (Devo 7 Mix Switch position: 2)

Rodeo 110 RTF Rodeo 110 RTF1 with Devo 7:
Rodeo 110-Z-01 Three Blade Propellers:
Rodeo 110-Z-02 Fuselage Body Frame Shell:
Rodeo 110-Z-03 Support Block:
Rodeo 110-Z-04 Skid Landing Gear:
Rodeo 110-Z-05 FPV Camera and Light Guard Protector:
Rodeo 110-Z-06 Light Guard Shield Protector Lens:
Rodeo 110-Z-07 Antenna Fixing Mount:
Rodeo 110-Z-08 Fixed Board Above:
Rodeo 110-Z-09 Fixed Board Below:
Rodeo 110-Z-10 Screw Set:
Rodeo 110-Z-11 Brushless Motor WK-WS-13-002:
Rodeo 110-Z-12 Brushless ESC:
Rodeo 110-Z-13 TX5836 FCC FPV Video Transmitter TX 5.8Ghz:
Rodeo 110-Z-14 TX5837 CE FPV Video Transmitter TX 5.8Ghz:
Rodeo 110-Z-15 Power Board Main Controller & RX:
Rodeo 110-Z-16 Gyro Board GyroScope Module:
Rodeo 110-Z-17 Mini FPV Camera 600TVL:
Rodeo 110-Z-18 5.8G Transmitter Antenna:
Rodeo 110-Z-19 Transfer Cable Wire Adapter Plug:
Rodeo 110-Z-20 Strap Holder Battery Harness:
Rodeo 110-Z-21 Li-Po Battery 7.4V 850mAh 25C 2S Power:
Rodeo 110-Z-22 Battery Charger US Plug 7.4v for 2 Cell 2S Li-Po:

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D.R.O.N.E. Gameplay Teaser #2 – Racing


D.R.O.N.E. is a community driven sci-fi multiplayer arena-shooter with focus on creativity. It’s currently in the making and recently announced by Five Studios Interactive. Compete in an ever growing number of community created arenas, with your own unique drone designs, to become the smoothest drone operator in the galaxy.

In this video we show prototype racing gameplay, things are subject to change and improvements. The arenas are built with the in-game editor. The footage is recorded in-game with an internal pre-alpha build.

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Drones: Step by step to build and fly a racing quadcopter


Learn how to build a racing quadcopter from scratch!