JJRC H37 ELFIE 720P HD Camera Quadcopter Foldable Review (just $40)


If you have been wanting a small Quadcopter drone that fits in your pocket and has a 720P camera, well the ELFIe by JJRC is your Drone.
Its small durable and handles great.
Check out my video review.

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Amazon link:$49

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Akaso X5C 2.4G – Dron Quadcopter de 6 Ejes


El AKASO X5C es ligero y duradero. Las hélices son vigiladas por el marco de plástico
de modo que se puede proteger durante la colisión. Incluye un casco y cuchillas extraíbles
guardias por lo que es adecuado tanto para volar en interiores y exteriores.

El AKASO X5C ofrece el vuelo de alta velocidad. Al pulsar el botón de control de velocidad,
cambia el quad a modo de alto rendimiento. Cuando es estable, puede conseguirlo haciendo
más trucos: arriba / abajo, izquierda / derecha, rotación de 360 grados, etc.


Paso 1. Insertar la batería en el quadcopter y enchufarlo en el receptáculo.
(Asegúrese de que la batería está completamente cargada)
Paso 2. En el control remoto asegúrese de que la planca del acelerador izquierda
está todo abajo, y luego las insertar nuevas baterías y encender el control remoto.
Paso 3. Espere unos segundos para ver si ambos dispositivos se sincronizarán. Usted escuchará tres pitido
cuando los dispositivos se emparejan. (continuar el paso 4 si el dispositivo no está sincronizado.)
Paso 4. En la palanca del acelerador izquierda, empujar completamente hacia arriba y abajo rápidamente.
Parámetro principal:

Tamaño de embalaje: 12 “x 12″ x 5 ”
Peso de embalaje: 1.75 lb
Batería: 3.7V 500mAh LIPO
Tiempo de carga: aproximadamente 60 minutos
Duración de vuelo: 5 ~ 7 minutos
Distancia de control: cerca de 50 ~ 100 metros

Qué hay en la caja:

1 x RC Quadcopter con la cámara
1 x 2.4G control remoto (no incluye baterías AA 1,5 V)
1 x Cable de conexión USB
1 x tarjeta MicroSD
1 x lector de tarjetas TF
1 x Batería de LIPO 3.7V 500mAh

Enlace de compra:


US Army F15 Eagle Drone Flight Test Review


This drone and controller is decorated in US army motif. It’s a great beginner’s learn to fly quadcopter. Soon to be available here http://amzn.to/2lFXtuB and WiFi version here http://amzn.to/2lFSuKk

– Interesting design with US Army logo and colors.
– Very easy to fly quadcopter. Although a clone of the Syma X5C, it has improvements over the original such as greater range, altitude hold, headless mode, one key return, automatic takeoff and automatic landing.
– Uses commonly available, inexpensive Syma X5C batteries.
– Does not require FAA registration.

– it’s important to land soon after you notice low voltage warning of the quadcopter’s lights (they blink). You have approximately 20 seconds to land after they start blinking. Otherwise the quadcopter may drop to protect its battery.

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Tarantula X6 Quadcopter Drone with Camera


Get the Tarantula X6 here on Amazon: http://goo.gl/9mXNhp Tarantula X6 Quadcopter Drone with Camera. This is one of the bigger quadcopters I’ve had a chance to play with under the 100 dollar price range. This is big enough to carry other tiny action cameras too like the Mobius. The X6 has 3 different rates and is a ton of fun to fly. My only complaint is a screw holds down the battery compartment and there is no on/off switch on the quadcopter. So you have to plug in the battery, then put the cover ands screw on. It seems pretty durable, however, I did manage to break off a landing leg after flipping myself down on to concrete. I just cut the other legs the same size.
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The iDrone 720p Quadcopter – Should You Buy?


The iDrone is a awesome 720p quadcopter for inside or outside flying. Defiantly one you should consider buying, I am pretty impressed with the quality and durability of this machine, check out the unboxing.

Amazon iDrone (Hasakee RC)


Product Description
Super mini drone:
1. 6-Axis Gyro
2. Channel: 4
3. Body Material: ABS
4. Control Mode: 2.4GHZ
5. Control Range:30-50 Meters
6. Remote Control Battery: 2 x 1.5V AA Battteries (Not Included)
7. Charging Time: About 50 minutes
8. Flight Time:5-7 minutes

Package Includes:
1 x Drone with HD Camera and 4 Propeller Protectors
1 x Transmitter (without 2 1.5V AA batteries)
4 x Addtional Blades
1 x 2 in 1 USB Charger
1 x 3.7V 350mAh Battery
1 x Bonus 3.7V 350mAh Battery
1 x 4G SD Card
1 x Card reader
1 x Screwdriver
1 x User Manual


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Drone with Camera, Quadcopter 360° Video Camera


This is a camera drone test with the MJX X101 Quadcopter and a Kodak SP360 video camera as drone camera.
There are a lot of drones for sale with camera on the market, but you can also install easy your own existing 360 camera on a cheap Quadcopter and make 360 degree videos.


Fayee FY603 SMARTEGG Micro FPV Drone Flight Test Review


This quadcopter includes a protective cage for flying indoors, along with altitude hold and real time FPV video. Buy it here https://goo.gl/68ggJX

– Very well protected by its cage, allowing for continued flight after bumping into lamps furniture and walls.
– Includes altitude hold feature to automatically maintain altitude without throttle input.
– Also includes WiFi FPV for viewing and recording real time in-flight video via your smart phone.
– Although primarily intended for indoor flight, it is also suitable for outdoor use.
– Does not require FAA registration.

– Proprietary battery.
– Video and photo resolution is not HD, but instead 640 x 480 pixel VGA resolution for both.
– As with most WiFi FPV fliers, maximum range of in flight video is limited to about 30 meters.

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Drone Crash! Yuneec Q500 Typhoon hits tree branch. Drone Down!


Took the Typhoon over to County Farm Bridge a couple days ago and drove it into a tree. I thought I’d get fancy and fly under the bridge. Worked out fine until I …


DBPOWER Hawkeye I 3D Flip – Remote Control Quadcopter


DBPOWER Hawkeye I 3D Flip – Remote Control Quadcopter
See it at: http://rc.productreviewdr.com

Get it at: http://amzn.to/1sMCd9v

The DBPOWER Hawkeye-II FPV Wi-Fi G-sensor Control Quadcopter is an excellent and fun way to fly and take photographs! It has so many flight movements which include 360 degree flips which you can start from a hand throwing fly.
It is unbelievably easy to fly with a 4 motor drive and 6 axis gyro which allows for precise positioning and stable flying. The 2.4G transmitter makes it easy to control. The DBPOWER Hawkeye-II FPV Wifi G-sensor Control Quadcopter is also very durable with protective guards protecting your helicopter should you crash!

You can also connect your device to your phone and take photographs from the sky through the excellent 0.3 MP camera. You can also monitor real-time video and view as you fly through your phone. Its First Person View (FPV) camera captures 640 x 480 resolution video and still photographs which will be stored on your mobile device.

Whether it’s during the day or night you can use the DBPOWER Hawkeye-II FPV Wi-Fi G-sensor Control Quadcopter as it has four bright, versatile LED lights. It moves in all directions so you can capture great panoramic shots and amazing videos.
When charged it offers a run time of 5 to 8 minutes with a recharge time of 90 minutes.
Also included is a user manual and access to teaching video’s to get you into the sky!


What’s in the package:

Quadcopter with camera
1 Transmitter
1 3.7V 700mAh battery
1 USB charging cable
4 Spare propellers
1 Wi-Fi receiver
1 Screwdriver

Recommended age: 14 years+
Allows you to see what the drone sees, monitor real-time video with your Phone directly;
Flies in the dark with 4 LED night lights
2 Control Modes: A. Controlled by transmitter, view by phone; B. Controlled and view by phone directly for IOS Android


Function: Forward, Backward, Up, Down, Left, Right, Sideward Flight, Hovering, 360°Rotation, Throw to Fly
Remote Type: Radio Control and WIFI Control
Product dimensions: 6.1 x 6.1 x 2”
Download APP for Phone: Enter”APP STORE” and search”CX-WiFiUFO”
Remote Control Range: 30M
WIFI Image Transmission Distance: 20M
Flying Time: 5-8min
Charging Time: 90min
Aircraft Battery: 1 x Rechargeable 3.7V 700mAh Li-Po (included)
Transmitter Battery: 4 x AA Battery (not included)
Suitable Age: 14 years and above
Shipping weight: 1.3 pounds


• High and low modes for indoor/outdoor use
Can use phone to see through camera live
Integrated camera with FPV mode
Good battery life overall
Extra blades and tools included
Accurate controls


As with all products like this you need to make sure that you are flying safely in a designated area and you need to act responsibly when taking photographs and shooting videos.

Younger children should have adult supervision however that means that this is a great way of getting the family working together! Also it’s a great way of getting out from behind those games consoles and bonding together!


The reviews of the DBPOWER Hawkeye-II FPV Wi-Fi G-sensor Control Quadcopter show the versatility and amazing fun you can have.

One reviewer states, “Both my husband and I have had a ton of fun taking turns flying this too. It took us a few charges worth of time to start getting the hang of it. I had a bad habit of hitting walls, ceilings, my glass cabinet, my husband, and the ground outside. I accidentally chopped up some paper towels a few times too. Everything survived my bad flying, well except for the shredded paper. There isn’t even a scratch on my Drone though. My first flying attempt I was actually really nervous, my first impression didn’t say this product would hold up. It’s proved me wrong time and time again in the last two weeks”

Flying the DBPOWER Hawkeye-II FPV Wi-Fi G-sensor Control Quadcopter is also great for beginners or experts to flying as one reviewer says, “This is an excellent product. It is absolutely perfect for entry level/beginner flyers. It’s extremely easy to use and has 3 different modes for different experience levels. With the tap of a button, you can make it fly slowly and gingerly while you figure out the controls and get used to flying it, or you can put it on a super-fast and agile mode. The instruction manual is very clear and very detailed. The camera is surprising pretty good. For its small size, I was actually very impressed. I have even included a video that I filmed with it outside so you can see what it will look like”

So the DBPOWER Hawkeye-II FPV Wi-Fi G-sensor Control Quadcopter appears to pass all the tests! For flying and being able to take still photographs and view as you fly with a durable and great responsive controls choose the DBPOWER Hawkeye-II FPV Wi-Fi G-sensor Control Quadcopter!

For more see: http://urremotecontroltoys.online/


[NEW] UDI R/C U818A Delta-Recon Wifi drone


Buy it here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01M32TXTW/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B01M32TXTW&linkCode=as2&tag=dbogen-20&linkId=22dff7a70297c2fb2480f20359697cda

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Is it worth the price, that’s what’s you are asking yourself right? Here is my honest answer, it depends! What I mean is, if you are new to the hobby you might want to drop a few bucks on a cheap micro quad before graduating to this baby. I discovered, people buy new things but never take full advantage of the product and this quad have many great features, newbies wouldn’t understand. If you are just starting out but have a few moments in the air then you might have enough knowledge to enjoy this quad, and I mean really enjoy it. This quad makes flying super fun and super easy, but like I said if you never flown before BEWARE!!! Here is my experience with UDI R?C U818A quad. Right out box I was digging the Army green, it made me feel, sort of official! This U818A build quality is great, the rubberize frame really helps in the event of a crash, which everyone do, no matter how long you been flying. The battery gives you about 8 minutes of flight. In the description it says it have 700 lipo battery, but that’s just marketing. When you open up the box you will discovery two 350 Lipo batteries which equals 700 but not a 700 single battery. Flying the U8 is great, it is nice and steady and the two rates high and low really allows you to control the quad at your own pace. I must warn you, I wouldn’t recommend flying the quad on a windy day even if you have it on high mode. The return to home button works pretty good, as long as you keep the original direction from take off. The U818 also offers flips that adds to the fun of flying, another note when you fly in high mode or do lots of flips, your flight time will be reduce,when I flew it the first time I got around 8 minutes of more.
The camera really surprised me. I was filming in low light, right as the sun was about to go down but the camera manage to bump up the ISO and get some decent footage, a little grainy but that’s to be expected when the ISO is turned up that high. Here ares some of my highlights: Nice bright LED light in the front of the quad, the ability to fly the quad using the app on my smart phone and the app itself is one of my highlights.
The APP allows you to store video and pictures not to mention the ability to tilt the phone and fly the quad.
As we all know the world is not perfect, neither is this quad. I think they should work on the low battery indicator. The control beeps but I would like to see a some type of LED warning from the quad. I also think the yaw speed could have been faster. Other than that this is a wonder FPV quad to fly five stars all the way.