Parrot Bebop V1. Joey the Swan fields. Crewe.


Aerial footage of Crewe from the fields near Joey the Swan in Crewe, Cheshire.


Dromida Vista UAV Unboxing, Setup and Flight Testing


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In this episode, the Roswell Flight Test Crew takes a look at the Dromida Vista UAV quadcopter, supplied by Hobbico. The Vista is a follow-up product to the extremely tough and wildly successful Dromida Ominus. The crew begins by opening the box and checking out the contents, which include a slightly larger and seemingly even more robust airframe, as well as an upgraded controller. They also demonstrate how to adjust dual rates and change flight modes, from Beginner, to Normal, Advanced and Expert. The crew wraps up their review with and outdoor flight test, comparing its performance with the Ominus and checking flying time.


Vusion House Racer FPV Drone Unboxing and Setup


In this episode, the Roswell Flight Test Crew unboxes and sets up the Rise Vusion House Racer from Hobbico. It has been developed specifically to provide new pilots with an introduction to First-Person View (FPV) racing. The House Racer, an inverted quadcopter design, arrives in a Ready-To-Fly (RTF) package, with everything required to begin flying all in one box: the aircraft itself, a 2.4 GHz radio controller, a 5.8 GHz video transmitter and receiver, a pair of FPV goggles, a battery and a USB battery charger. The House Racer offers three flight modes, including a fully acrobatic “rate” mode, as well as a dual mode selector. Setup is straight forward: the aircraft arrives already bound to the included control transmitter, and calibration is accomplished in seconds by a specific sequence of stick movements. Wall guards are included with the kit, to keep the aircraft upright if it bumps into a wall, and the 5.8 GHz FPV receiver has the ability to record standard definition video from the aircraft onto a MicroSD card.


Elanview Cicada Brushless RTF Drone – Park Pilot


An inexpensive flying camera. Read the full review in the Summer 2016 issue of Park Pilot magazine.


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How To Perform Sideways Flips | QUADCOPTER TRICK TUTORIAL


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A front flip may be one of the first aerobatic moves that an FPV acro quadcopter pilot learns. This tutorial shows a variant on that move where the copter is rolled sideways before the flip is performed. At first, this may seem disorienting, but this video shows that there’s no reason to be scared of the move. You will also learn an unexpected way to exit this move, by using yaw instead of roll, that makes the exit of the move much smoother and more appealing to viewers.


INSANE LOS flying – Pilot Oka Nakafumi – Quadcopter Freestyle GOD!


This is a video by Boohwan Jeon of the Japanese pilot Oka Nakafumi showing what I think is the first real heli style LOS flight with a quadcopter. We just need to get a good 3D rig in this guys hands!


GDU Byrd Drone Flight Testing and Aerial Video


Global Drone Union website:

In this episode, the Roswell Flight Test Crew flight tests the Byrd 4K video drone from GDU: the Global Drone Union. The Byrd is a purpose-built aerial camera platform, which folds down to a small size for easy transportation and storage and includes a detachable, three-axis camera gimbal. The episode begins with a demonstration of the compass calibration procedure, followed by an explanation of how to start and stop the motors. Next up is a flight demonstration including maneuverability, ascent and descent, and position hold. The crew then provides a sample of the video captured by the aircraft, as well as demonstrating the operation of the built-in drop mechanism and payload delivery container. The video concludes with the gimbal stability test and a flight endurance test.




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