DJI Mavic Pro Hands-On (Deutsch)


Wir hatten die Möglichkeit uns die neue DJI Mavic Pro Drohne genauer anzuschauen und zeigen euch wie man sie in Betrieb nimmt und damit fliegt. Es hat richtig Spass gemacht!
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They Gave me a Ticket for Flying my DJI Mavic Pro Drone


Here’s the video that I got the ticket for:

Here’s what I did with the ticket:

Public Service Announcement, it’s illegal to fly your drone at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal (National Wildlife Refuge).

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Mickey Valen feat Noé – Meet Me (Ark One Remix)





So you’ve seen the most expensive selfie drones. Now the ELFIE is the cheapest wifi selfie drone on the planet. Close to the same size as a ZeroTech Dobby but half the weight. The ELFIE has Onboard Wifi, 10 minute flight time, folding arms, and 720p video. The best part of this mini drone is the Altitude hold. It flies really well. Record to your smartphone iOS or Android. No micro SD card needed.

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Test DJI Mavic Pro à 2 500 m d’Altitude ! (Petit Drone 4K)


J’ai filmé le Mont Blanc durant mon test du Mavic pro ! (Merci au grand massif) ► Abonnez-vous, c’est gratuit | 🔵
► Je recherche le Trophée Google Rare au MWC 2017) | 🔴

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Hoy les voy a contar la historia de lo complicado que fue poder tener un drone en Guadalajara… Todo esto tuve que hacer.


5 NEW Cool DRONE Inventions You Must See 2017


5 NEW Cool DRONE Inventions You Must See – The coolest done invention ever !!

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Mt Nho, Vung Tau city, Vietnam compiled video and drone clips in 4k


Mt Nho, Vung Tau city, Vietnam compiled video and drone clips in 4k

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This is my first flying test with the bebop 2. As you can see the wind was blowing a little bit hard so the bebop 2 is a really good drone to beat the wind.


Drone Catches Girl in Shower – What Drones Can See?


Thanks for watching. This is a parody of what the general public assumes!
We had an absolute blast shooting this video.
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Lately it seems people think every Quad copter / drone in the air is spying on them in their houses or backyards. These people sometimes ignore the law and shoot them out of the air due to thinking the person flying the drone is peeping. I put this video together for two reasons.
One: To show people who have never flown one of these what a normal consumer drone can and cannot see at different heights and distances. I am hoping this helps educate someone who might be worried about their neighbor flying 100+ feet around the neighborhood.
Two: an easy way for people who do fly to share what we really see and can’t see with those who are not familiar with drones first hand.

Before you jump in the comments screaming “How do you know they aren’t looking at me?” you got me! I don’t know 100% but the odds are that the one flying over is not peeping on you.

this article might help answer some more questions.

You might view a drone as many things: Creepy. Loud. Annoying. Scary. A sophisticated robot. A really cool toy. Target practice.

But in the eyes of the law, a drone is a full-fledged aircraft, and deserves the same kind of respect. Here’s what federal law (18 USC § 32) has to say:

(a) Whoever willfully—

(1) sets fire to, damages, destroys, disables, or wrecks any aircraft in the special aircraft jurisdiction of the United States or any civil aircraft used, operated, or employed in interstate, overseas, or foreign air commerce;

…shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years or both.
What does that mean for you? If you attempt to gun down a flying robot, you could face those two decades in the slammer, and/or a fine of up to a quarter of a million dollars. So, legally speaking, shooting a drone could be the same as trying to damage a chopper or a 747. “Aircraft” is a pretty sweeping definition, it turns out, and it could work in drones’ favor.

“This applies even if a drone is hovering over your backyard,” says Sachs. “According to the FAA, it controls all airspace from the blades of the grass up. However, even if you did own X feet above your property, you would not be permitted to shoot a drone that flies within that space because shooting any aircraft is a federal crime.”

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Thanks for watching.

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