Cheap Quadcopter build – DIY wooden frame


This Video is about Quadcopter build information.
The frame is DIY wooden frame which can be built very easily & its very cheap also.
So if you are looking to build your first Quadcopter then you may want to try it.
Let me know any suggestions, opinions on it.

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What You Need to Build a FPV Quadcopter / Drone || Rundown of Components


The basics of what makes up a FPV quadcopter / racing drone with a short descpription of what each component does. I hope this helps any beginner who’s interested in the hobby, may your journey be fruitful and awesome!

The only two things I forgot was:

– A battery charger
– A lot of patience

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QAV 250 Class Quadcopter Build I (ZMR 250 from ebay)


How to build 250 class quadcopter?

Here is how I did it.

QAV250 DIY with Emax MT1806
Flight Controller

Soldering iron
Soldering wire
One FC (flight controller)
’cause the CC3D that came with the set was faulty – wrong boot loader
I ordered few OpenPilot and Acro NAZE32 FCs from
XT60 battery connectors
FPV camera I got mine from

Video TX & RX (transmitter and reciever)
Few sets of propellers – I got mine from

Enjoy your FPV hobby.


How to Build FPV Super Quadcopter in a day


Watch this video and learn how easy it is to build a FPV Super Quadcopter, cheap and easy, just in one day. You do not need to do any research; you do not need to buy any Expensive RTF setup, you do not have to worry about crashes and finding parts. Everything that you need to build a Quadcopter probably already lying around your house, so why not put them together and get yourself a super fast, super smooth FPV Quadcopter built in one day.

Kindly Do not email me asking what components I have used. I will not reply. I have left the specs and components information on video titles so feel free to follow and get the same components to use or use similar components to build you this awesome FPV Quadcopter in few hours. Watch the video from beginning to end and you will not have to email me.

Do not ask me where to buy this quadcopter and do not ask me to build you this copter. You have to build it yourself that is why I posted this video. Please…

More Thrilling Obstacle course Amazing FPV videos from home built FPV Arachnid Quadcopter will follow soon

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