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GoPro HERO5 Session DROPPED 1,000 ft from DRONE!! – Ultra Durability Test


➜ GoPro HERO 5 Session:

The new Hero 5 Session is built for durability, right? I wanted to put it to a fun test and drop it from my DJI Phantom 4 drone – see how high I could drop it and would it keep working?
I dropped the GoPro from 50 feet, then 100 ft, 400, and lastly, 1,000 feet!! VERY COOL RESULTS! I was surprised!!

If you guys want to see it dropped onto pavement, rocks, etc, leave me a comment below and hit that thumbs up button! If I get enough thumbs up, I’ll try it again on harder ground! 😀

*Terminal Velocity: If any of you math wizards want to share your calculations on time it took to reach top speed and what that top speed was, share in the comments below!

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