PARROT DISCO Review – Part 5 – [5200mah High Capacity Battery Cloud Flight & Crash Test]


Enjoy my high capacity battery test for the DISCO Drone. You can get the DISCO here: Huge $300 price drop!
5200mah Lipo:
4000mah lipo:
Ipad I use for an awesome FPV and Waypoint Mission experience:

I use PD15 to edit my vids:

Part 4 with Inter-Island auto flight to Molokini:

Part 3 with 20 Mile autopilot flight!:

Part 2 with full flight and crash test:

Part 1 with Unboxing, Inspection & Setup here:


PROPEL STAR WARS T-65 X-WING Review – [Unbox / Inspection / Setup / Flight Test / Pros & Cons]


Enjoy my full review of the Propel T-65 Star Wars X-WING Drone. You can find it here:


Best Drones | Top 2 Drones With Camera Under $300 | Parrot Bebop & Hubsan h501s


Best Drones | Top 2 Drones With Camera Under $300 | Parrot Bebop & Hubsan h501s
A very Warm Welcome to RC Drone Club
This video is all about the best drones under $300 this is actually semi professional drones the both bebop & hubsan h501s x4 both drones are used by both hobbyist and semi professionals for making aerial videos and aerial photography and both of these have excellent modern features which we all look before buying a drone
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XK X300 quadcopter with optical flow positioning and altitude hold


Buy it at Gearbest:
Gearbest 3rd Anniversary sale:

Pardon the low light in some parts, my camera was on the wrong setting

Note: The above link is an affiliate link and if you click it I will make a small commission with no extra cost to you.

Check out the valentines day deals here:

and check out the general sales here:

Overall the XK X300 has become one of my quadcopters to fly, the position hold works great with the optical flow sensor and the altitude hold holds height pretty good.

Flight times are great at around 13-15 minutes and the camera records some decent video with no video jello. The FPV has a pretty clear pictures with only small amounts of signal loss (static) and a very small (maybe 200ms max) latency.

Position hold works better with surfaces that have a slight pattern and something like a solid sheet of snow won’t hold position very well.

As I said at the beginning this is one of my favorite quadcopters and I’m pretty happy with it.


Pengujian Navigasi GPS Pada AR Drone 2.0 (Tugas Akhir D3 Teknik Komputer)


Dokumentasi pengujian Tugas Akhir.
D3 Teknik Komputer
Fakultas Ilmu Terapan
Universitas Telkom


Kudrone: 4K Camera Nano-Drone With GPS Auto-Follow



The affordable smart nano drone with 4k, replaceable battery, autofollow, and precision hovering. Kudrone lets you capture your world like a pro.

Connect with Clarity


My Mini Quadcopter – Version 2 – prototype progress (mQ2)


This design uses a printed circuit board to connect the correct transistors to the motors in order to produce more thrust than the previous version, it also has new sensors connected for further tests.

all software is unique and written by myself.
my own algorithms for filtering sensor noise and calculating angles from angular acceleration and velocity in 3 dimensions and the use of bluetooth for real time control without requiring an expensive RC controller. GPS capable but requiring a light antenna such as a micro taglos antenna.

next steps include PID control, real time control via PPM signal from professional RC controllers, and incorporating data from the altitude sensor

The next version will utilise surface mount components and integrated power distribution to save significant weight and improve sensor accuracy.


Testflug: Hubsan X4 H502E – GPS Quadcopter von


Der Hubsan X4 H502E ist der momentan günstigste GPS Quadcopter, erhältlich bei Banggood:
Im Video seht ihr die ersten Aufnahmen der verbauten 720p Onboard-Kamera. Als weiteres Extra landet der Quadcopter auf Knopfdruck wieder am Startpunkt.
Die Flugzeit beträgt satte zwölf Minuten bei ungefähr 2 Stunden Ladezeit via USB ca 40 Minuten, Reichweite ca 200 Meter…

Ich bestelle sehr gerne bei asiatischen Händlern, als kleinen Service findet Ihr hier die aktuellsten Angebote auf einen Blick bei Gearbest:

Mehr von unseren Videos? Dann abonniere unseren Kanal und gib einen Daumen hoch.

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TeknoAxe – Following Cybernetic Protocol


GPTOYS F51 Waterproof Camera Drone – Full Review – [UnBox, Inspection, Setup, Rain Flight/Pool Test]


Here’s my full review. You can get the F51 here:

Here I put it through a thorough water dunking in the pool after an in-depth review in the rain at the park


SCOTTeVEST Q.U.E.S.T. Vest – Review – [42 Pocket Drone Enthusiast Vest!]


Enjoy my review of the Quest Vest. Perfect for drone enthusiasts, photographers and more! Get it here:
Get the Mavic Pro here: