Broken my Drone / Syma X8G Quadcopter Flight fail


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Nearly broken my Syma X8G Quadcopter when I tried to fly for the first time.
It was a windy day and about 26 KPH windspeed,It cause a lot of trouble to fly my Quadcopter. Really gone out of control and hit to the ground from 30 to 40 meters hight.Finally covered by dust and mud all around and one leg and a sefty guard for blade broken down.


Flying with Angry Birds – Scary flying with a Drone in the Faroe Islands


SCARY flying with a Quad copter. Attacked by Angry birds, but a fantastic view in the Faroe Islands flying over some bird cliffs.
This is filmed without Stabilizer with a DJI Phantom 1.
There are so many beautyfull places that should be filmed by air, and this is one of them.
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Flying DJI Phantom Drone at Venice Beach Los Angeles



Tiny Drone Challenge 2


Here is another Tiny Drone Challenge because the weather always sucks outside. ENJOY!!!!

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Selfie Drone Use a self-flying selfie drone camera that follows you everywhere


Selfie Drone Use – How to Take Perfect Selfies with your iPhone

air selfie – a pocket-sized selfie drone (kickstarter).
Following some amazing drone photography skills, it is now time for a list of the best drone videos of 2016
1 How to Find the Best Cheap Drone with Camera
The best cheap camera drone currently is the HUBSAN X4 H107C-HD Quadcopter with 2MP Video Camera if you have an epic drone selfie to share with us for our next compilation please leave a comment down below or find us on .. 4 days ago – dji inspire 1 white camera drone
Wingsland S6 Pocket Selfie Drone Promo Video
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2016 ROAM-e Selfie Drone Price in Pakistan, Review Lily selfie drone for sale helicopters 4G lily selfie drone price helicopter with camera professional,US $ 26
buy a jjrc elfie drone here :…

jjrc elfie – cheapest wifi selfie drone review.

a self-flying selfie drone camera that follows you everywhere: lily.

this pocket fpv camera drone can be utilized as a vacation hiking or sport selfie drone. zerotech dobby pocket fpv selfie drone flight test review.

(as seen on casey neistat) it’s a mini pocket “selfie drone” or quadcopter that is ultra portable and can be carried anywhere to capture your adventures in 4k photos or 1080p hd videos…
a mini pocket selfie drone!?! this drone video of drone selfies was made using primarily quadcopters like the dji inspire 1 the dji phantom 2 dji phantom 3 advanced/professional. this is our first drone selfie compilation of 2016 a drone selfie is when the pilot of the drone films them self and then flies the drone away (backwards) to reveal where they are adding a whole new level to selfies!
drone video selfies and the best dronies!

yuneec breeze selfie drone at interdrone. z201ys pocket camera selfie drone flight test review. jjrc h37 elfie foldable rc selfie drone – gearbest.
roam e is a flying selfie drone and uses smart facial recognition.

$41 foldable selfie drone that rocks – eachine e50 wifi fpv camera pocket drone – thercsaylors.

The Ultimate Tutorial – How to Take Perfect Selfies yuneec breeze – selfie drone preview.

Searching For: Best Drone Videos Of 2016 | Best Match = “Best Drone Videos Of 2016″ Potensic really wants to be the cheap drone with camera by over delivering a few extras to add value to their JJRC H8D Best Cheap Camera Drone 2016 Hubsan H107C Two NEW Camera Drones To Consider
Wingsland S6 Pocket Selfie Drone Promo Video · Play · Download: Wingsland S6 Pocket Selfie Drone Promo Video


GoPro: HERO5 – What’s New


Why should you upgrade?
• Rugged waterproof, durable, waterproof out of the box
• Voice controls
• Advanced Video stabilization
• Connectivity, access/edit/share
• Ease of use / Simplified UI
• Supports our systems & accessories (Karma, Karma grip, Remo)

For more information, visit

As always, happy capturing!

You might see examples of extreme use in this video. Please take appropriate precautions to ensure your own safety and the safety of those around you, and to protect your GoPro camera.


The Drone Retrieval Unit!


Testing out some hilarious gear Drone retrieval unit

find it here

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– Most gnarly bottle ever –

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– Impulse RC Alien 5″/RR5
– TBS Mr Steele Motors
– KISS 24A ( D shot ) –
– HQ 5040X3(Yellow)
– Runcam Swift (camera tilt 25°) –
(2.5mm lens) –
– TBS Core PNP50 –
– TBS Triumph CP antenna –
– TBS Unify Pro 800mW VTx –
– ThunderPowerRC Adrenaline Series Mustache edition 1300 4S
– GoPro Session5 –
– Stick on Lens protector Must HAVE! –
– ALL UP WEIGHT – 576g –

_ Radio _
– FrSky Taranis –
(5dbi Mod)
– Antenna –
– RG316 Coax wire –
– Receiver -X4r-SB –

_ Tiny Drone _
– BeeBrain Flight controller –
– Inductrix FPV Mine is highly modified –
– Motors –

_ Goggles _
– Fatshark Dominator HD (Hello Kitty) –
VRx- Laforge V2 –
VAS Mad Mushroom –
IRC 8dbi patch –

_ Camera Gear _
– Sony RX100v –
– lens protector –
– Canon G7X II –
– GoPro Hero 5 –
– Joby Gorilla pod –
– GoPro Chesty –
– GoPro Head mount –
– San Disk Extreme 32GB –

_ Editing Gear _
Apple 13″ MacBook Pro –
Keyboard Cover –
27″ iMac –
iPhone7 –
Panasonic 1TB SSD –
Final Cut Pro X –
Boss Q35 –

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– Metric Tool Kit –
– Metric Hex tool kit –
– TS100 Field Soldering Iron (literally the best thing i have ever bought)
– Solder –
– Electrical Tape –
– Zipties –
– USB tuning cable –
– Lipo to USB field charger –
– Lipo Checker –
– Velcro –




O vídeo é uma opinião MINHA sobre valer a pena ou não comprar um Phantom 3 Standard quando se é FOTÓGRAFO ou trabalha com produções de vídeos em determinados lugares que o drone pode ficar incapacitado de voar pela interferência de objetos magnéticos, como em locais de show. A intenção do vídeo NÃO é explicar como o drone funciona ou que modelos existem, exatamente por este motivo houve algumas informações que faltaram, como o Phantom 3 ter na verdade 4 modelos porque eu nem sabia que existia um quarto modelo, nunca vi ninguém falando sobre esse quarto modelo. O Phantom 3 pode até ter alguma função que dê pra voar indoor sem o GPS, mas eu apenas desejo boa sorte e que não ocorra nenhum acidente com quem ousar usar o drone dentro de locais fechados, pois sem a função GPS o drone não fica estável, qualquer vento que bater, ele voa pra onde ele for empurrado! Então como eu já sei que existem umas infos desse tipo que eu não mencionei, o vídeo está feito com base na minha opinião e nas experiências que eu já tive com o meu. Como não poder voar dentro de um parque de exposição por causa da interferência, onde o motor nem sequer ligou. Como ter voado com ele descontrolado na área de lazer de um condomínio por causa de objetos magnéticos que interferiram no sinal dele, etc. Mas como eu digo no vídeo, valer a pena comprar, vale MUITO. Mas se tiver condições: compre um melhor.



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GoolRC FPV Quadcopter – A Good Beginner Quad!


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Drone Crash – CX-20 first flight – Go Pro


Just testing out the new xmas gift, didn’t go so well – I will do some more research and practice before my next skyward adventure.

The only damage was a few scuff marks and the camera mount broke… lucky …

Rock n Roll & Ride Free !!