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Premier montage vidéo avec le Mavic Pro de DJI, en 4K 30fps
Musique: Jorm – Lotus

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Northern Illinois University College Campus | Drone Footage


Northern Illinois University, or NIU, has one of the most amazing college campuses. As you’ll see in this campus tour video, I show you the Convocation Center, where many local high schools have graduation ceremonies, the soccer fields, Altgeld Hall, a couple of views of campus from the parking deck, and other places around NIU. It was a beautiful day with very little wind, so I thought I’d come out here and practice some recording with my Phantom 4 drone. If you have any questions or requests, please leave them below! Enjoy this video in 4k, and don’t forget to like and subscribe!
#NIU #CollegeLife

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Where I bought the DJI Phantom 4 drone

Hello, and welcome to The Flying King. On my channel you can find drone footage of nature, motorsports, NASCAR, water, timelapses, and anything else you request! These epic videos are shot with the DJI Phantom 4 Drone. This is the best UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) to capture the striking views aerial photography has to offer. Drone videos are rapidly growing with popularity. I hope you enjoy my videos, don’t forget to subscribe for weekly videos!


Dji Inspire 2 – Flug+Footage // Teil 2/2 // deutsch // in 4K // #167


Ich hatte Glück mit dem Wetter, heute gehen wir mit dem Inspire 2 fliegen. Um euch einpaar Aufnahmen von dem Copter aus der Luft zu zeigen, nehme ich meinen Inspire 1 mit zum Fliegen. Ich bin gespannt, was Ihr zu dem Footage sagt, welches die X4S Cam, des Inspire 2 liefert. Und jetzt viel Spaß beim Zuschauen

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XK X300 quadcopter with optical flow positioning and altitude hold


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Pardon the low light in some parts, my camera was on the wrong setting

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Overall the XK X300 has become one of my quadcopters to fly, the position hold works great with the optical flow sensor and the altitude hold holds height pretty good.

Flight times are great at around 13-15 minutes and the camera records some decent video with no video jello. The FPV has a pretty clear pictures with only small amounts of signal loss (static) and a very small (maybe 200ms max) latency.

Position hold works better with surfaces that have a slight pattern and something like a solid sheet of snow won’t hold position very well.

As I said at the beginning this is one of my favorite quadcopters and I’m pretty happy with it.


Syria: First views of liberated Palmyra in Ruptly EXCLUSIVE drone footage


Exclusive ruptly drone footage captured Friday showed the liberated city of Palmyra, taken back from self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), backed by Russian Air Force on Thursday.

The city is now fully cleared of IS militants and government troops have seized strategic heights south of the city, carrying on with their offensive eastwards.

Palmyra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, fell to IS in 2015. The Syrian government liberated the city from IS terrorists in March 2016, but lost it again several months later. After seizing the city for the second time, IS destroyed part of the Roman theater and legendary Tetrapylon.

Video ID: 20170303 032
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Yuneec Breeze Drone Test Footage


Yuneec Breeze drone test flights in Portes du Soleil ski area.
Reduced video to 720p to make upload quicker


Phantom 3 Drone, test flying in london at 150 meters



Bebop 2 FPV video Footage Italy Hill | HD


Video realizzati con Parrot #bebop2 in HD a 30fps con bilanciamento del bianco nuvoloso. #WeAreParrot
LOCATION: #Italia – #Calabria
#Parrot Bebop 2:

music by SyLo (remix):


Flight test Bebop 2 FPV Footage HD – Italy


Video realizzati con Parrot #bebop2 in HD a 30fps con bilanciamento del bianco automatico. #WeAreParrot
LOCATION: #Italia – #Calabria
#Parrot Bebop 2:

music by Ken Waters:


EHANG Ghostdrone 2.0 VR | Test (deutsch) Teil 2 von 2


Die EHANG Ghostdrone 2.0 VR ist eine ideale Drohne für Einsteiger und Fortgeschrittene. Im 2.Teil unseres Tests zeigen wir Euch die Flugeigenschaften der Ghostdrone 2.0 mit vielen Detailaufnahmen und natürlich Footage-Material. Link zu Amazon: Hier gehts zum 1. Teil des Tests:

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