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Quadcopter – Drone – Repair your engine – Do it yourself!


Do it yourself repair of your quadcopter by yourself. Easy and fast repair for beginners.

It doesn’t matter if you own a JJRC H8C, Rayline R806, S-Idee S183, F183 oder what ever.

The Low Budget Quadcopter repair is nearly the same..
Here i show you how to fix the most common problem from low budget quadcopter, the engine!.


Camera: JosInThai – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dOYqqkBBGg
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FUNNY PARROTS ★ World’s BEST Talking Parrots (HD) [Funny Pets]


FUNNY PARROTS – We bet you didn’t know how funny parrots can get!
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#pacofresh – Flug über Dietrichsdorf, Mönkeberg und Kitzeberg (#ostuferlove)


### INFO ###
Bei meinem heutigen (17.04.2017) Ostermontagsflug ging es dieses Mal über Dietrichsdorf, Mönkeberg bis nach Kitzeberg. Das aktuelle Video stammt aus ca. 10-15 verschiedenen Videos und ist somit auch mein erster Zusammenschnitt aus mehreren Dateien/Videos.

### WICHTIG ###
Sollten u.A. Inhalte/Abschnitte (evtl. Privatgrundstücke etc. pp) auf meinen Videos zu sehen sein, welche Ihrer Meinung nach nicht für die Öffentlichkeit bestimmt sind bzw. sein sollen, so können Sie mich gerne direkt kontaktieren. Ich werden mich anschließend direkt mit Ihnen in Verbindung setzen und diese Inhalte gem. aktueller Rechtsgrundlage/Bestimmungen prüfen und ggf. natürlich und sofort im Video unkenntlich darstellen.

### CHECK ###
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How to Fly a DJI Phantom 3


Look down here for more stuff!

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“Bebop Pro” App – Update 3.1 “Altitude Limit Override” Parrot Bebop Drone


A quick video to show you an incoming update of Bebop Pro App

Help me to reach 150 likes on this video!! (like and share) if i break 150 like you will break 150m of altitude! ( i will release this new function as always as a free update) (no in app purchase)

AppStore link: https://appsto.re/it/wvE0ab.i


FuriBee F36 Quadcopter MiniDrone | Best Drone under $15?


In this video I unbox and review the FuriBee F36 drone. It is extremely small and cheap, it’s under $15. For trying the drone world maybe the best choice.

You can buy it here: https://goo.gl/EZbdc1

Gearbest site: https://goo.gl/fmByW3

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Music by youtube audio library




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What camera do you use?
Sony A5000 or GoPro or Phone


Cheap Good Drones – drone review – best cheap quadcopter to carry gopro


Cheap Good Drones
Buy Cheap Drones TODAY: https://37experience.com/collections/drones

cheap good drones – Items 1 – 44 of 46 – If you want to buy cheap action camera drone, choose action camera drone from banggood

Ready to fly cheapest rc drones with camera necessarily the best, although the TBS Vendetta comes and barrel rolls, makes this a great drone Are you looking for the cheapest drones with cameras for sale
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Here are some of the best cheap drones with camera for under $100 The Best cheap drone for filming looks and sporty quad that can move onto to bigger toys

Cheap Quadcopter Build For Gopro
Have sells for 149, but you can experience success and learn cheapest drones for gopro fly this little heli flies
185 items – Find cheap quadcopter for gopro for free shipping, worldwide delivery Anyways, here are some good cheap drones with camera that can be obtained without burning a hole in your savings
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Dänemark Blavand Urlaub Nordsee Dji Phantom 1 2 3


Kleines Video vom Urlaub in Blavand – Dänemark


Dji Phantom 1
Dji Props
Tarot 2D Gimbal
FPV System – (China)
Liliput 7″ Monitor

MUSIK VON: Blackmill – Evil Beauty