Peric Crashed My Drone Into The Lake…


Well guys, not much to say about this one. A great day of bass fishing took a hard turn for the worse once peric tried to fly my drone at the end of the day after we concluded fishing. I should have known to always be recording around Peric of all people, Jason was the only one to have recorded the mayhem so out of respect for him I gotta let him have that unbelievable clip for his video. Check out his channel and duster’s below!


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Ronin-m – rhode island


Pito from all city rockers. DJI innovation. Training video. 4k video. Ronin-m


How to Flip Your Quadcopter or Tricopter with Bonus Take Off Flip Instruction


Do not attempt flipping if you can’t fix your own mini. You will crash and probably break propellers or more doing so.

This video is aimed toward users new to flipping. The process overall isn’t that hard. What is hard is making yourself flip the first time. You need gather some basic information as you start flipping:

Learn how long it takes for your mini to flip
Learn how to adjust the flip speed (stick sensitivity) in your flight board
Don’t be afraid to crash

The high level steps to successful flips are:
1. Increase your throttle
2. Pull back on the elevator stick and let off the throttle
3. Increase the throttle when your mini is about a 45 angle to the ground
4. “Catch”, or level off, your mini with your elevator/aileron stick
5. Try not to loose much altitude.

The goal is to flip quickly and recover easily. Once you master short tight flips, long drawn out flips are much easier because you just push the stick less. The more you practice the better you’ll get.

Please don’t try the take off flip till you are confident you can flip in about 6 foot of space!

KK2.1.5 Steveis Firmware Stick Scaling Settings In This Video:
Roll (Ail) : 107
Pitch (Ele) : 100
Yaw (Rud) : 75
Throttle : 80


How to use the JJRC H8C controller to flip the quadcopter


This video demonstrates features of the JJRC H8C quadcopter using the stock controller.

Controls on the box are labeled incorrectly. Use the right shoulder button to flip and the left shoulder button to change pitch. The right “D” pad is for trim settings and the left is for taking video/photo.


Amazing Low Cost Quadcopter – Can Fly UPSIDE DOWN!


Link to Product:

This quad can take off no matter if it is right side up or upside down! It can flip in flight and keep flying while inverted! Pretty cool. The only other quad I know that does this currently is the Blade Nano QX 3D; however, that is three times the cost! I do wish it had a tiny bit more power, but, overall, this thing is amazing!


Cheerson CX-10 Stunts: How To Flip A Small Quadcopter Without Using the Flip Function


This video demonstrates how to flip a small quadcopter without using the flip function. This technique will allow you to do as many flips as you want forward or backwards.

Here are some of the models that I have confirmed will work with this technique;

Cheerson CX-10
Hubsan H107C
Hubsan H107
Yi Zhan X4

New Version Upgraded Hubsan X4 V2 H107L 2.4G 4CH RC Quadcopter RTF

Hubsan X4 H107C 2.4G 4CH RC Quadcopter With Camera RTF

Cheerson CX-10 CX10 Mini 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis LED RC Quadcopter RTF

Cheerson CX-10 Wltoys V676 RC Quadcopter Spare Parts Protection Cover

Yi Zhan X4 6 Axis 2.4G RC Quacopter With LCD Transmitter RTF


Flite Test – KK2 Stick Scaling – (How to Flip a Quadcopter)


Learn how to do stick scaling on your multi-rotor with the KK2 and David shows how to flip the V-Tail Quad.

See more photos and info in the article here:

Check out the Bat Bone!

Watch the V-Tail Quad Build which also shows some KK2 board setups!

Thanks for watching!


Quadcopter 330mm – some flips with onboard cam


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