Peric Crashed My Drone Into The Lake…


Well guys, not much to say about this one. A great day of bass fishing took a hard turn for the worse once peric tried to fly my drone at the end of the day after we concluded fishing. I should have known to always be recording around Peric of all people, Jason was the only one to have recorded the mayhem so out of respect for him I gotta let him have that unbelievable clip for his video. Check out his channel and duster’s below!


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Amazing and Funny Fishing with drone gone wrong !!!


Enjoy the video and have fun and dont try this with your drone fishing u may lose u r drone take care enjoy the video and dont forget to subscribe the channel


Crazy Funny People Crazy Funny Machines-Best Drone Fails-Funny Accidents with Drones Top Compilation


Crazy Funny People Crazy Funny Machines- Best Drone Fails- Funny Accidents with Drones Top Compilation


Fly Fishing Southern Thailand | DJI Mavic Pro Sony A5100


Have you ever been wondering if there are suitable rivers to go fly fishing in Southern Thailand by yourself?

This is a report of a do-it yourself fly fishing trip in Southern Thailand without a guide. I found this river by searching on google maps and streetview. Be aware that this film was shot during dry season, which means the river levels are low and visibility is good. Yet, I didn’t expect the water clarity being as good as it was.

I caught only small fish but I suppose there must be rivers with larger mahseer. However, to find them needs much more time than 1 day. If you need to catch a big fish faster – get a guide. Otherwise take a lightweight rod and have fun with the small fish. But be prepared, Mahseer are very strong fighters.

If you have any questions, feel free to write them into the comment section below or head over to

I used the following gear for fishing:
Scott A4 #6 Fly Rod
Sage 3250 Fly Reel
Orvis Waterproof Slingbag (upcoming collection March 2017)

Video Gear
Sony Alpha 5100

Tamron 18-200mm lense

Hoya Filters CP and ND1000

Mavic Pro Drone from DJI

Polar Pro Filters (attach after starting the drone!)

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Underwater fish finder


The ‘PowerRay’ is a underwater drone that is perfect for impatient fish finders.


Ice fishing Shallow Lake Trout and Whitefish – Lake simcoe


Me and Ronnie went out fishing for some shallow lakers and whities


Parrot Bebop Drone Westmoore Island HD


Punt club boys trip flight plan


UnderWater Fishing Drone / PowerRay™ Official Introducing


PowerRay™ – a ground-breaking invention that revolutionizes the way of fishing! It combines virtual reality and advanced fish finding technology to bring your fishing experience to another level. Visit our website: to learn more details on this new product.


Drone tooth pull gone wrong (funny)


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For a week I had been asking friends and family if they had a light doll about the size of a small child. No one did (and everyone thought it was a bizarre request – lol). Driving through the Townships on a Sunday morning, I came across a garage sale with the perfect doll (and, at 2$, the perfect price!). It was still a little too heavy for a drone to lift, but some not-so-subtle editing, and the gag still came out pretty well.