Race Drone? Parrot Drone? Kids Drone? ……. NO! Party Drone!!!!


Check out the lighting Effects on this Drone!
What do you do when you’re home alone, Drone Party! That is if your Drone can do it. This Drone can! Check it out!

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Parrot COMMUNITY – Gabriele Paris in Lago di Garda


Discover the amazing shots of Gabriel Paris over Lago di Garda in Italy.

Parrot Community is your most unique way to discover the beautiful videos captured by your pilot peers.
Feel the excitement and astonishing views through their eyes.

Learn more about Parrot DISCO FPV on http://www.parrot.com



Battle Drones


Thanks to Air Wars for providing us with these Battles Drones! Check them out here: http://bit.ly/2bfVa1j

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The Drone Engineer Helping Farmers Work Smarter


Greg Crutsinger develops drone technology to help farmers struggling to grow produce in a world affected by climate change.

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Top 5 Amazing Drones of 2017


Top 5 Amazing Drones of 2017

This Are The Official Links From Where You Can Know More About This Gadgets And Buy This Gadgets…..

#1.. DJI MAVIC PRO http://bit.ly/2iwW376

#2..PARROT DRONE http://bit.ly/2hDmKCR

#3..DJI PHANTOM 4 http://bit.ly/2gXdOct

#4..YUNEEC AVIATION http://bit.ly/2iTy1A7

#5.. CARBON FLYER http://bit.ly/2g5KxhE


Top 7 best smartphone gadgets must have in 2017 http://bit.ly/2lDjUVj

Top 5 future gadgets you should buy in 2017 http://bit.ly/2mic4h0

Top 5 iPhone gadgets you should buy in 2017 http://bit.ly/2ndYFpu

Top 5 gadgets you must have in 2017 http://bit.ly/2ndOiSz

Top 10 amazing gadgets to buy in 2017 under 50$ http://bit.ly/2ml248g

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DroneClash: the next level drone competition


In a real life video game of sorts, four teams will battle simultaneously. They can use as many drones as they like, but each team is only allowed one FPV video stream to their drones. This means, in practice, only one drone can be tele-operated per team. But, teams may switch between drones or create autonomous drones, and anything in between. As long as it flies.

Visit www.droneclash.nl for more information!


Qué es un DRONE | Cómo funciona un DRONE | Phantom 4 Pro Review


Qué es un Drone, y Cómo funciona un Drone. Review en español del Phantom 4 Pro de DJI. Tomas espectaculares, con un dron espectacular.

Drone = http://bit.ly/drone4k

Vídeo explicativo sobre el modelo de DJI Phantom 4 pro, en el que verás muchas de sus partes, explicadas de modo general. Además, he dejado para el final un pequeño vídeo cinemático de tomas grabadas en 4k con el Phantom 4 pro, para que veáis de que es capaz este Drone.


In-depth review Vufine HD Wearable display for drones, does it work? Drone Girl


Vufine HD Wearable display for drones, does it work? Drone Girl

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DJI Phantom 4

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5 Coolest Drones You Should Check Out! (Early 2017)


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Drone lovers, here are the best 5 coolest quadcopters you should see. These drones are extremely crazy and used for different useful purposes. You can buy them from the links given below.

PowerUP FPV: http://bit.ly/2e1Rdc0
Parrot Mambo: http://amzn.to/2fkebkm
Airblock: http://kck.st/2e1SKi4
DJI Mavic Pro: http://amzn.to/2eRTx6Z
Hover Camera: https://gethover.com/

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Overkill: $3M missile destroys $200 drone


A US ally took on an adversary using small quadcopter drones by firing a surface-to-air missile.

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