FUNNY How my boy Travis handles unsatisfied customers. DRONE VIDEO DJI PHANTOM edit sony vegas


This video contains some classified contents. This is the demonstration video put out by my friends employer. This is how to handle unsatisfied customers. This was filmed with a dji phantom 4 . Editing done with Sony vegas pro .

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DJI Phantom 3 Standard


DJI Phantom 3 Standard Is A Great Done To Fly For A beginner. Best Drone I Ever Had… Yes Ever HAAAAADDDDD. Please Watch This Video So I Can Some Day Afford This Drone… Let Shoot For A 100,000 View On This Video. Dont Forget to Hit The Like Button And Subscribe For More Videos, Thank You Guys.

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This Is The Camera I Use To Flim This Video.
Canon T5i


Top 7 Professional Drones


Tiny cameras that can fly still seemed like a sci-fi dream just five years ago, but with Some New Drone, the future has arrived ahead of schedule. So if you have a plan to buy a new Drone we’re here to help you with that.

These are our list of Best professional Drones :
#7 : Parrot Bebop 2
#6 : 3DR Solo
#5 : Yuneec Typhoon H
#4 : DJI Inspire 1
#3 : DJI Phantom 3
#2 : DJI Phantom 4
#1 : DJI Mavic Pro

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SYMA QUADCOPTER TRIO – My New (NOOB) Hobby for 2017!


I’ve always been interested in remote control toys… so this is big step up for me. I have never flown quadcopters (drones) before, so this will be quite an experience. Thanks for joining me!

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Drone on Drone Action – Parrot Bebop 2 & Hubsan X4


We took our Parrot Bebop 2 and a couple of Hubsan X4s and flew them against each other.


Cheerson CX 35 Test and Review the FPV Quadcopter With Altitude Hold Cheerson CX 35


More info:

Cheerson CX 35 Test and Review the FPV Quadcopter With Altitude Hold Cheerson CX 35

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Recensione del drone Parrot Bebop 2 con la funzione follow me in MTB.
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Drone Crash and A Very Boosted Christmas


Drone Crash
Drone Crash
Drone Crash

A Lunch break with my Sister, Nephew, and Manager…..


Drone Crash
Drone Crash
Drone Crash


The best drone you can buy (2016)


We tested the latest crop of drones, from the DJI Mavic, to the Yuneec Typhoon H, to the (recalled) GoPro Karma to find the best one (still) on the market. Subscribe:

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Weapon of the Future -Tiny Drones


The mini drone is a new technology that’s being brought to the battlefield. Mini drones improve unit mobility, provide valuable intelligence and save service members’ lives.

Mars & Hades Gadgets

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