How To Put Your Parrot To Bed and How Much Sleep They Need | PARRONT TIP TUESDAY


Hello parrot lovers,
I know I touched on this topic a little it before but I think parrot bed time needed it’s own video. In this Parront Tip video, I go over the importance of your parrots bedtime routine, how long they need to sleep, how to encourage a bird with FOMO to go to sleep and what to do before your parrot goes to bed.

The main things I want you to get out of this parrot video is…
1. Routine is important for your parrot
2. Your parrot needs a good amount of sleep
3. your parrot’s sleep should be undisturbed
4. Why it’s important to cover your parrot at night (some exceptions)
5. Your own personal moment with your parrot before they go to bed
6. Not putting them to bed mad at them
7. Feeding them before they go to bed, so they see the routine in action
8. Sneaking my parrot out after bedtime

Sometimes I like to add bulletin points at the bottom of my videos because although I know what I want to say, afterwards I like to make it clear in case, I forgot to highlight anything.

I hope you like this Parront Tip Tuesday video. I make my parrot videos for all owners, veterans, newbies and in betweeners so some of this information may be obvious but I realize that a lot of people watching my parrot channel, do need the basics every once in a while…so if you know all this, I hope you still enjoyed the refresher and seeing Picasso my Mustache Parakeet.

I hope you guys liked this vide, thank you so much for watching my parrot video! If you love parrots and you like getting updates with cute, rambunctious parrots, parrot stories and parrot information, please subscribe for daily parrot videos!!


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Free Flight Parrot Day 6 P-1


Had a small free flight day with most of our members from “Get Flocked”

was a great day and everyone had a ball!

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My parrot cage cleaning routine and products I use – Answering a Comments Question


This video talks about what I use to clean my parrot cage’s and how often I do so. It also includes some tricks, tied bits, and handy items and ideas I have found …


20 Fun Parrot Tricks


20 parrot tricks that little Zeeby the parrotlet knows!

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Parrot’s First Day Home


Jessi gives advice on what to do on the first few days after bringing a companion bird home. This advice works for parrots, parakeets, conures, cockatiels, cockatoos, macaws, lovebirds, and lorikeets. It holds true for rescued birds and also those purchased from a breeder or a pet store.

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Do YOU want a parrot?


This is my youngest baby, Benson the sun conure, helping me talk about all things bird!

Music: Klonoa – Out of Time.

Enjoy everyone. :3


Initial Costs Associated With Conure Parrot Ownership


The purpose of this video is to address the upfront necessary costs with Conure parrot ownership. This talks about every necessity to purchase the week BEFORE parrot ownership to have FOR parrot ownership. This isn’t stuff to accumulate over the years. The items listed in this video are necessities for proper parrot ownership and bare minimum guidelines to help bring home baby to the best possible environment.

Prevue Cage:

Perch and Go “Pandora’s Box” Travel Cage:

Prevue Snuggle Hut “Rio’s Cuddle Hut”:

Polly’s Pastels Pedicure Perch to relieve pressure sores and manicure talons – Internet Vet recommended:|&cat=150&shop=1

All Living Things Rope Bird Perch:

All Living Things Multi Branch Perch:

Main Prevue Cage Booda Bird Swing N’ Perch Rope Perch:

Prevue Pet Calypso Creations Stick Stack Toy:

Great Choice Lovable Links Rio’s Colorful chain:

Prevue Coop Cup Stainless Steel Bowls for Travel Carrier and Prevue Main Cage:

Cockatiel Size Conure and small bird recommended seed 2-4 per day, Lafeber’s Classic Nutri-Berries:

Supreme Natural for daily 1 ounce diet:

Zupreem Fruit blend for foraging mixed into natural zupreem:

Favorite Fruit:

Bird Safe Cage liner paper towels:


Baby Parrot Handfeeding Time


I just wanted to make a video of the differences in how baby parrots eat.

Each type of parrot seems to have a different way they eat, and as they grow up the feeding technique changes also. People often ask me how hard is it to handfeed and they want to hand feed their own baby bird. The actual act of putting food in a baby’s mouth is not really that difficult. However the things that can go wrong and knowing what to look for if things do go wrong takes experience. I still learn new things and I have been raising baby parrots since 1993.

The little caique babies are fairly easy to feed at the stage they are at in this video. They do need frequent feedings though.

The meyers I find difficult to feed. All three of them do not really want the syringe in their mouths. They push it out with their little tongues. So I squirt the food out at the base of their beaks and they eat half of each squirt and spit the other half out. It is a messy feeding, but to be honest, it is kind of fun. The mess can be cleaned up and as long as their crops get full, then I have accomplished a feeding.

The younger jenday conures are eager eaters and are easy to feed. The two older babies at the end of the video are pretty much weaned and weren’t really interested in being fed.

The green cheek conures in this video are also pretty much weaned and were not that interested in eating.

This video was made earlier this past weekend, all of the babies are a bit older now and I will have individual videos of them all in about a week.

Thank you for watching my videos!! For more info about our baby birds please visit our web page…


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