Parrot Bebop 2 FPV – Introductory to First Month


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Setup: Parrot Bebop 2 Drone x Sky Controller II x Apple Iphone 6S

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Chris Urmson: How a driverless car sees the road


Statistically, the least reliable part of the car is … the driver. Chris Urmson heads up Google’s driverless car program, one of several efforts to remove humans from the driver’s seat. He talks about where his program is right now, and shares fascinating footage that shows how the car sees the road and makes autonomous decisions about what to do next.

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10 Craziest Flying Cars


From the strange DRONE Car , to the $100 MILLION Vehicle, these are the 10 CRAZIEST Flying Cars !

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6. Drone Cars
With all the popularity of drones in recent years, you might ask yourself, why can’t they just make one big enough to fit a person inside and let us drive around in it?! Well don’t worry, China is on it! China calls it their megadrone and it’s big enough to fit a person. This was unveiled in Las Vegas and has a total of 8 propellers, 2 on each end. The co-founder of the company, called E-hang, says it’s 10 times better than sitting in a ferrari. He also said that the inner kid in us, would all want to fly and he’s trying to make that dream happen. If you ask me, it really doesn’t seem to safe and if everyone we’re flying this things, you’d only imagine how many crashes there’d be.. Would you be willing to get behind the wheel of one of these?

5. Larry Page’s Flying Car
Larry Page, one of co-founders of google and extremely wealthy scientists was possibly spotted with his own flying car that we see in this photo. Wouldn’t that be ironic, if they found this on google maps? It’s believed that Larry Page has been testing flying car on his secret base in Hollister and has made a serious private investment on this project. It appeared that his invested 100 million each in 2 separate flying car firms recently in 2016. This appears to be one of his prototypes and it looks like it uses 8 top rotors with 2 in the back to reach flight. It’s rather difficult to get any more details on this one, but more clear illustration was made that we see in this photo, could be an accurate interpretation.

4. The First Flying Car
Believe or not, there were a few flying cars from the 1940’s that actually flew! Today, there’s only 5 of these aero cars left in existence. It can cruise at 110 miles and can convert fairly easily from car to plane and vice versa. But it really almost seems too bulky to actually get put to use. The car is about 30 feet long and the wingspan is 30 feet. A bidding war took place between millionaires to actually own one of these old flying cars and one sold for about 800,000 dollars. After pushing the car to large manufacturers like ford, they couldn’t strike a deal and prototypes like these were never available for sale until the auction

3. 100 Million Dollar Flying Car
What looks like a racecar or some type of device from sci-films is actually, one extremely expensive flying car. This one looks like a ferrari compared to the others and has the power to back it up. So far it’s cost the company, Moller International, 100 million dollars and it will likely cost a few more million to complete this project. This photo you see here is just an illustration of what it’d look like it were to fly. They call this their “skycar” and it’s designed to reach speeds of 300 miles per hour and reach altitudes as high as 36,000 feet! At that price though, they almost afford a fighter jet! His attempt to continue raising money for it despite many critics calling this a total waste of money and labeling it a failure. Due to its high price tag, the developers are quite hesitant to actually test drive it but the aerodynamic of the vehicle seem like it’ll work eventually.

2. Self Flying Ambulance
This flying ambulance car has been called the Cormorant and it’s designed to be used by the military to safely carry wounded soldiers from the battlefield. Also known as the air mule, this thing can transport about a half ton of people or about 5 soldiers away from harm’s way. Designed by Urban Aeronautics, this thing could soon be used by the israeli army as soon as 2020. This one has been air proven and was tested in November 2016. The flight management system is apparently capable making split second decisions if the aircraft were to encounter bad weather. However the back wheels do look like they need an upgrade.

1.Flying Ferrari

It’s a bird, it’ plane, even better it’s a ferrari! Ok so this one doesn’t fly on it’s own, but don’t forget, car’s can still fly with the help of a helicopter and technically it is a flying car. We thought we’d end this video with some crazy photos of a ferrari racecar being flown in, to the Grand Prix in Barcelona, Spain in 2013. That’s a pretty cool way to make in entrance. The car was lifted pretty high in the air for this high profile event. That helicopter better be careful because he’s certainly carrying some pricey cargo! Sunbathers on the beach looked up in awe and confusion while this was happening! You better believe it was lowered with extreme caution onto the racetrack. At least if he drops it, he can just fly away!


$150,000 Drone! CES 2017


What DIDN’T you see at CES 2017? We show you interesting Technology from a YouTuber’s perspective at our first ever CES. Weird tech, new car technology, Giant drones, Cell phones, giant private hotel suites. CES is a wild place.

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Parrot COMMUNITY – Best of Users #12


EPIC Best Of Users #12 !
Headphones on! 🚀 🎧 🚀

Above a volcano, racing with cars, playing with kids, or riding with birds: Parrot Bebop is always helping you discover new points of view on our beautiful planet. 🌋 #WeAreParrot
We kindly remind you that all flights must be realized within the country UAV laws.

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Flying The Drone | Reviews


FLYING MY NEW DRONE! Honestly Its So Fun To Fly! Lol But Watch Video To See Reviews On The Drone Itself, Hope You Guys Enjoy.
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parrot bebop 2 drone footage FPV flying around field/street on a windy day 14 December 2016


parrot bebop 2 footage FPV flying it around the street on a windy day 14 th decr 2016


Autonomous Flying Drone From China The eHang 184 | Autoblog Minute


A flying autonomous drone from China could soon fly you anywhere around the world…no pilot needed. Chinese dronemaker eHang first introduced its all electric unmanned drone in January of 2016.

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Lucid Air: Hands-On


Riding inside the Lucid Air luxury EV:

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