Quadcopter Crash and Burn – grass catches fire


Nothing extraordinary about the crash – probably could’ve recovered if I put the throttle on sooner. However, one of the esc’s kept trying to start up and over heated. Not sure why it did this.
This was a custom frame: https://downanddirtydrones.com/portfolio/



Eruption fly-over: Mount Etna spewing lava & smoke, captured from drone


Europe’s highest active volcano Mount Etna erupts in Sicily
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[FR] Test Follow Me en Moto | Drone Parrot Bebop 2 | Bonne Année ! | Gavé Moto | RideLife


Salut les Motard(e)s !
Aujourd’hui je test pour vous la nouveauté de l’application Parrot du Drone ” FOLLOW ME ” !
Franchement j’ai jamais vue un truc qui marche si bien une dinguerie ! :O
Je vous laisse appréciez la vidéo et n’hésitez pas également à patarger un max et à posez vos questions !

Bonne Année à tous avec un tout petit peu d’avance et faites attention à vous !
Braam Braam ! 2017 !

N’oubliez pas le Like et à très vite !

Burn The Gum, Not Your Soul !

Gavé Moto

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[FR] Déballage/Test Drone Parrot Bebop 2 FVP / Casque VR / Gavé Moto


Aujourd’hui déballage du Drone Parrot Beebop 2 FVP !
Pas de moto mais un bel engin ! 😀
N’oubliez pas le Like et à très vite !

Burn The Gum, Not Your Soul !

Gavé Moto

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Quadcopter vs Gas Torch! Exploding and Melting Stuff


Gas Torch vs drones and burning several strange items, completely destroying them in the process. Channel collaboration with The Torch Guys and shoutout to them for the drone and gas torch! Burning Erasers, destroying crayons and drone by melting through the box, making soda cans explode under pressure! Melting a micro-drone with gas Torch until the battery discharges and a glorious explosion ensues. Even wrecking a despicably cheap action figure by melting into nothing. Chewing gum being torched until bubbling, glowsticks burning and releasing a foul odor, and pencil erasers beautifully arranged to burn in full HD!




Complete drone crash on video. Sad to see my first drone go out like this but it happens.
Drone- DJI Phantom II
Camera- GoPro Hero4 Black: 1080p 60fps

Kistler Magnesium Rods(NEON GREEN): http://bit.ly/2ahQYxiMagnesium2Rods

15% OFF Connect Scale using Code “W2”: http://www.connectscale.com/?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=Video&utm_campaign=W2%20Outdoors

Social Media:
E-Mail- Wcjghunters@gmail.com
Instagram- WalkerWilson13
Twitter- @Walker_WFish




Hey guys! Smashing Trash is back with another video! Today we melt a swift steam z-9! Please subscribe to our channel and hit that like button! Leave a comment letting us know what you liked about this video! Thanks!


Gettin’ the fire going with my quadcopter


We had a Christmas wreath left over so we lit it in the fire pit. Then threw some logs on top but the fire was going out. So I grabbed my handy dandy quadcopter (DJI F450) and got that jank roaring. The yard was covered in cinders.


Road Closed – Mercedes C63 Amg


A closed road, a Mercedes C63 amg, and this is the result.
Filmed & Edited : Perrot Louis
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/CreativeVisi…
Contact : louisperrot@hotmail.fr


Glynn Village Prairie Burn


Annual Prairie Burn in Glynn Village. Waukee, IA. 11/9/2015. Filmed by Cameron Stotz. Music: bensound.com

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