Parrot Bepop 2 vs Yuneec Breeze!!!


Resulting from two years of design, the Parrot Bebop 2 is your ideal flight companion. Weighing 500 g and offering 25 minutes of autonomous flight time, this leisure drone is cutting-edge. Its high-performance specs mean it can fly, film, and take photographs brilliantly both indoors and outdoors. Is your selfie stick too short? Does your action cam lack perspective? Is your smartphone not manoeuvrable enough? Introducing Breeze, which will allow you to have your flying camera with you at all times. 24 cm in diameter and weighing just 385 g, you can discreetly store your small selfie drone in almost every bag. Really practical: Your smartphone serves as the controller with live image transmission. The integrated and pivotable 4K UHD camera captures strikingly sharp selfies, aerial photos and snapshots.


Parrot Bepop –
Yuneec Breeze –


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Parrot Bebop Drone- Bromley Golf Course Footage


An evening flight over a local golf course. Sun was low in the sky, looked great. Tried to sync it up, see how it comes out.



Bebop conversion with bebop2 props


My bebop1 conversion using bebop 2 propellers.
Still need some smoothing out but gives me 10 minutes on a 1200 mAh stock battery.


Nella Nebbia con il Parrot Bepop 2


Volo nella nebbia delle campagne mantovane, test massima velocità 60km/h e volo a raso (accidentale) su un tetto a 35 km/h

Drone: Parrot Bepop 2
Controller: Parrot SkyController


TEST Drone Monteroduni – Castello Pignatelli


Video Test Castello Pignatelli – Monteroduni (IS)
Si ringrazia il comune di Monteroduni per la disponibilità del Castello Pignatelli.
Test Drone Bepop2 Parrot con Skycontroller




Primo Test con Drone Parrot BePop 2 .
Riprese Castel Pandone,Cerro Al Volturno, MOLISE
Volo effettuato con Skycontroller Parrot (Black Edition)


Bad News Parrot Bebop 2 Wonderful Day and a Bad Ending with Crash


It was an wonderful Day for Flying with my Parrot Bebop 2 nothing goes wrong. Wonderful Place to Fly.
Bad News
But the end of the Flight was not so Happy for me.
They Crashed in a tree and falling down on the ground. One motorcabel cut off 2 parts for fixing the bumpers are broken. The middelcross are broken. That is not so good for me. I’am so Stupid.

Dead Reckoning (Sting) – Ethan Meixsell
Trespass – Gunnar Olsen
Good for Nothing Safety von Twin Musicom ist unter der Lizenz Creative Commons Attribution license ( lizenziert.


Roma Drone 2016


Droni, tecnologia del futuro, mercato in grande espansione.
Terza edizione del Salone aeronautico sui droni all’aeroporto dell’Urbe.
Parla Luciano Castro, presidente di Roma Drone Expo&Show.
All’interno resoconto sulle nuove normative Enac

Vai all’articolo


Parrot Bebop Drone Hands on: Test der Kamera der Drohne (DE)


Die Bebop-Drohne von Parrot ist das fliegende Auge – so sieht sie zumindest aus. Aber was kann die Kamera wirklich? Wir haben es im Test ausprobiert.

Allyouneed .com : Kurz-Review : Heute seht ihr ein Review zu einem Produkt, .

Parrot Bebop Drone bei Amazon: Mit der Bebop bringt Parrot den Nachfolger der beliebten AR.Drone 2.0 auf den Markt. Die Drohne .

Noch ist er erst vorbestellbar, wir durften aber schon kurz mit ihm spielen: Der Parrot Bebop [ Quadrocopter zum Preis von 499 bis 899 .


Parrot Bepop 2km Long Range flight test footage with Sky Controller


Fully stock Parrot Bepop with Sky Controller and iPad Mini 2. 2km rage with strong signal throughout flight.