Jezioro Ińsko – Pomorze, Polska | Parrot Bebop 2 Drone


A beautiful and clean lake on the Pojezierze Ińskie, north-west of Poland.
Springtime, 2016


Parrot BEBOP 2 //VS// Airplane


Parrot Bebop 2 FPV & RC Airplane formation flight in the moutains

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Jezioro Rosnowskie – Pomorze, Polska | Parrot Bebop 2 Drone


A long reservoir in the north-west of Poland, in the forests.


Bebop 2 (altitude 540m & Crash) Идем на рекорд высоты и скорости


Autonomous Flight.
Successfully climbed the 540m. A strong gust of wind blew it at 4 km. The battery is dead and CRASH. ((
Thanks GPS tracker I could find my Bebop in the forest.

Автономный полет.
Заданная высота 999 м.
Успешно поднялся на 540 метров, где сила ветра оказалась настолько велика что дрон не смог ей сопротивляться. Со скоростью 90 километров час ветер отнес Дрон на 4 км.
Аккумулятор разрядился и Дрон упал в лес.
В последствии с помощью GPS трекера я смог его отыскать.


Gerbil Across DK and Into Roseville 3 13 2017, Gusty


Description : Notice the wind where you can it was gusty. I simply ran as far as the very first video frame loss and then turned around. Was always in solid control connection. Notice the low (Excellent, strong) DBM readings when running SkyBoost on the SkyController.

SkyBoost = ( )


Bebop 2 follow me (Freeflight Pro Android)


Bebop 2 follow me on Freeflight pro is a new upgrade for the Bebop 2 drone that allows object recognition to keep the correct framing while filming in follow me mode. The follow me mode works really well and is really easy to setup, I am really happy overall with the update and ease of use. I was testing with the Galaxy S7 edge and the device did need to reboot 4 times when the follow me was activated which was annoying. However this is brand new and I am sure that Parrot will rectify as time goes on with necessary updates & improvements. Well Done Parrot on an excellent package!


Parrot Bebop 2 Auto Pilot Sonderburg HD


Parrot Bebop 2 Auto Pilot Flight to maximum allowed altitude, using Flight Planner.