h501s Altitude Hold Extreme Speed In Crazy 17+MPH Winds ! (Quad’s Camera Footage at End of Video)


I was Crazy to fly in those Winds, Especially in Altitude Hold !!! Almost Crashed 3 Times !! After Oiling The Bearings, The Quad Was So Fast, I could Barely Control It Did Not fly the H109S X4 Pro Because of the wind, But that Will Be Next !


XK X300 quadcopter with optical flow positioning and altitude hold


Buy it at Gearbest: https://goo.gl/FX57kN
Gearbest 3rd Anniversary sale: https://goo.gl/3i4Utu

Pardon the low light in some parts, my camera was on the wrong setting

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Overall the XK X300 has become one of my quadcopters to fly, the position hold works great with the optical flow sensor and the altitude hold holds height pretty good.

Flight times are great at around 13-15 minutes and the camera records some decent video with no video jello. The FPV has a pretty clear pictures with only small amounts of signal loss (static) and a very small (maybe 200ms max) latency.

Position hold works better with surfaces that have a slight pattern and something like a solid sheet of snow won’t hold position very well.

As I said at the beginning this is one of my favorite quadcopters and I’m pretty happy with it.


Video Drone – Cemetery Flying with the UpAir One!


Please visit http://Video-Drone.DIY3DTech.com for more information on this and many other projects! As in this episode, we will be doing some cemetery flying with the UpAir. Having been involved with Fine Art photography for many years, I have found cemetery can be beautiful and amazing place to capture images and have in fact photographed them around the world. So I decided to take the UpAir and try my hand at shooting some monument video at one near by. However the wind was not cooperative as well as some “lookey-lou’s” who might not have had the best intentions (cemetery’s are dangerous places as they are visited mostly by the elderly and they are secluded making them prime targets for robbery so always use care). In addition, I got some strange jello-ing too which I did not see on my first UpAir so not sure if it was wind and cold or other issues…

UPair 2.7K Video Camera Drone with 7 inch FPV Screen Live View 5.8G RC Quadcopter,Return to Home Function, Position Hold Headless Altitude-Hold Switch Mode Aerial Photography Beginner Drone:

UPair One Drone with 4K Camera Bundle with Accessories (11 Items):

Skyzone SKY-700D 5.8GHz 32CH Diversity 7” FPV Monitor DVR by GoolRC:

GoolRC 7.4V 2200mAh 25C 2S Lipo Battery with JST Plug for Skyzone SKY-700D FPV Diversity Monitor


UDI U28W Peregrine Quadcopter Drone Flight Test Review


UDI U28W PEREGRINE is a nano drone with so many features, including altitude hold, fpv, headless mode, automatic take off and emergency landing. In this flight test review we look at it on a whole.

This Quadcopter – http://amzn.to/2m5M4VS

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RunCam R/C Camera = http://amzn.to/2fLt1j9
DBPower Camera = http://amzn.to/2evBxRG

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Amazon = http://amzn.to/2fLrKsJ
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Altitude Test Drone Skill Crash – Drone Skill


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Itu terdengar seperti segerombolan lebah ketika Andari terbang di Sekitar! Ini tidak Gagal Dan Menang kompilasi ATAU Terbaik ATAU Musim Panas, kompilasi, Penyanyi Hanyalah SEBUAH Kecelakaan kompilasi drone, gede menakjubkan gila drone kecelakaan! apakah Andari Melihat hal lol Gagal Menang Epik Gagal hearts 1080p terkompresi Dari Februari kompilasi 4k Maret April Mei Juni kamera Juli Agustus
Berangin sunset nyc firstflight phantom2 phantom3 laut baru Hero4 hero3 2015 menakjubkan kenaikan dji2 inspire1 djiglobal dimiliki digital Ke langit hextacopter octocopter Menikmati sinar matahari Alam Segar, Udara Masa Depan Dan Gelombang! Dari Serangan Pesawat Tak berawak di Pakistan untuk review drone Militer, Teknologi Pesawat tak berawak here, SEMENTARA kitd mungkin TIDAK akan Melihat hal Serangan Pesawat Tak berawak disengaja ATAU munculnya drone kitd akan Melihat hal Jelasnya namun Tinggi (hd), pesawat tak berawak hd terbang di Sekitar Lingkungan Perumahan.

Becaause ITU Bukan Perang drone, drone TIDAK ilegal, Pesawat tak berawak terbang di Ruang public Masih TIDAK diatur Oleh faa (Federal Aviation Administration),
tampaknya drone Pesawat Komersial Dan Teknologi Pesawat Tanpa awak konsumerisme Yang melampaui Peraturan Pemerintah Dan undang-undang. Perang drone Adalah Nyata Dan Begitu also Pembunuh drone TAPI Penyanyi Bukan shalat Satu Dari mereka innovation Dji SEBUAH Perusahaan startup Cina Sangat Populer creates hantu, also terlihat pada: brooklyn 99, Selatan taman, Dji phantom, menginspirasi, menginspirasi 1, Dji menginspirasi 1, Sangat Terkenal Dan dikenal di society terbang UAV Aerial Quadcopter multi-Rotor. SEMENTARA mobil RC has populer digunakan untuk review Waktu Yang Sangat lama, kitd Sekarang Melihat hal kenaikan popularitas DENGAN RC Pesawat seperti quad copter Penyanyi. Dalam video yang Penyanyi Andari can Melihat hal cuplikan Mentah,
KUALITAS 4k akan didukung Segera di Saluran Saya, Andari can be Melihat hal sayap, baling-baling, Dan Seluruh Tubuh drone SEMUA hearts 1080p, hd video.

Andari bahkan can be menonton Saat terbang using oculus keretakan ATAU ipad,
melampirkan Kabel HDMI, format yang hearts modular. Andari akan Melihat hal Bermotor Aktif sebagai-Serta percepatan Dan throttle Dari Penyanyi drone, Saya percontohan, Dan TIDAK menelepon turun-SETIAP Udara Serangan, Andari can be Melihat hal Video Serupa di Ambang, Teknologi, Teknologi, berita, ulasan: drone Ambang, mkbhd drone, diuji drone SEMUA has video yang dilakukan Serupa PADA Topik Yang sama. Andari Harus Siap untuk review Kecelakaan Pesawat Tak berawak, meskipun mereka Mudah untuk review terbang pesawat tak berawak kadang-kadang memiliki Pikiran mereka Sendiri. Lucu drone kecelakaan PADA sindikat Saluran drone menabrak Dinding, Kendaraan Udara tak berawak.

Andari can be Melihat hal bahwa drone differences Adalah Harus memiliki: burung beo, ar, drone, UAV, vs, hexo +, hexo ditambah, plexidrone, wearable, dewi udara, skycontroller, drone Aplikasi, Semua fitur dasar dasar termasuk Dan Pembelian Tambahan Bervariasi. Andari can be Melihat hal uji terbang, review, penerbangan, Jarak Jauh, tutorial, maju terbang, Pesawat tak berawak percontohan Canggih, piloting, drone Pelajaran terbang, SEMUA PADA Saluran Saya. Beberapa fitur berbaring drone mendukung Penyanyi: airdog, Pelaut, tahan air, Pergi pro, Pahlawan, FPV, hero 4, hero 3, Bergulir, AGRO-AGRO, visi +, kamera, PERBANDINGAN, menginspirasi Satu, GH4, gimbal, 5dmk3, Andari also can be Melihat hal Penyanyi Peralatan pada: testedcom, rc, nab, Dji UAV, remote control, drone DENGAN deadmau5, menjelajahi drone DENGAN deadmau5, Menembak drone DENGAN deadmau5 Dan MKBHD.

deadmau5 bahkan lalat drones! drone TIDAK Benar-Benar hantu 2, Dji phantom ii, Dji phantom i, ATAU drone entry level KARENA mereka quadrotor terbang UAV Dan drone Media Adalah kata untuk review membusukan Beroperasi Pesawat. teknik Tingkat terbang MASUK Perlu dilakukan SEBELUM drone esp JIKA Yang Pertama Kali drone terbang terbang, Ambang memiliki ulasan drone yang Baik PADA 3-axis kamera gimbal drone, mkbhd using oculus keretakan DENGAN ben Popper Yang Menguji percontohan Pesawat tak berawak. Hal Penyanyi MEMBUAT Hadiah natal Yang mengagumkan!, ATAU Libur, ya Saya akan terbang ITU Dari Tempat Tidur bayi, Penyanyi Adalah Teknologi baru, menemukan LEBIH Banyak Teknologi, berita, Dan ulasan di pembaruan Ambang, ATAU bahkan checkout deadmau5 album Penuh (ketika dia terbang mainan barunya).


F181 Quadcopter with Headless Mode and Camera


Buy the F181 here – http://amzn.to/2kkUn1u

Trouble shooting the app.
Sometimes the camera doesn’t connect to your phone and here’s some tips that’ll hopefully help.
1. Try connecting to the Drones WIFI camera before you start the app.
2. To save your video clips, make sure to stop the recording on the app. Also, on mine the camera/video button don’t work on the controller. You can only record from your phone.

The camera quality isn’t great but it’s average for a low cost WIFI camera.
The range however was really good. Both the transmitter and WIFI range were better than most drones I’ve flown. As you can see from the map, the measured distance it flew was over 270 feet. You will get better range when you’re away from houses because WIFI signals will cut down your signal strength.
I noticed flight times of around 6 minutes. It has 4 speed modes. In slow mode it’s very controllable inside and with the altitude hold you only have to worry about 2 dimensions which makes it much easier to fly as a beginner and if you have enough room inside you can even fly room to room through your smart phone using a live feed from the camera.
After you’ve mastered flying in slow mode, you can shed a lot of weight from this quadcopter by removing the landing gear, camera, and blade guards and F181 will fly much faster.
I really like the size of the F181 it’s Not too big and not too small, it’s great for both outdoors and indoors.


Potensic F181WH 2.4GHz4CH6軸ジャイロWiFiドローン ブルー 00Unboxing(開封の儀)


Potensic F181WH 2.4GHz4CH6軸ジャイロWiFiドローン ブルー


XK X300 F Long Flying Position Hold FPV Drone Review


This very long flying quadcopter includes a position hold system that allows it to hover motionless without pilot inputs. Also includes altitude hold and 5.8 Ghz FPV. Find it here https://goo.gl/uFv5PH and here is the cheaper WiFi version https://goo.gl/EUcE3T

– 2000mah battery gives it a very long flight time of over 15 minutes.
– Optical position hold in combination with an effective altitude hold systems provides an almost motionless hover. Good for new fliers trying to learn the basics of quadcopter control.
– 720p camera provides relatively good video. External add-on cameras are not really needed with this quadcopter.
– Includes 5.8 Ghz FPV transmitter and receiver. Provides relatively long range FPV video in excess of 100 meters.
– Although I didn’t fly it past its range limits, the transmitter also allowed flying out past 100 meters.
– Powerful brushed motors (I think that they’re Tarantula motors). Motors provided very sporty flying ability limited only by the altitude hold system (which unfortunately can’t be turned off).
– Also includes headless mode (and I apologize that I forgot to demonstrate it).

– The optical position hold works very when starting from a slow flight speed. But the position hold becomes less effective if the initial speed of the quadcopter is increased. It could “slide” quite a distance before slowing sufficiently to allow the position hold system to take over. Position hold also becomes less effective as altitude is increased, and is ineffective above 8 meters.
– Weighs more than 250 grams, will require FAA registration if flying in USA.
– It does have an automatic takeoff and landing button. Unfortunately mine did not appear to be operational.

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Parrot Swing Hybrid Drone Unboxing/Review


Today we take a look at the Parrot Swing Hybrid Drone which has both fixed wing and quadcopter flying capabilities. This is the first smart drone I’ve bought which has all the newest technology to make flying the aircraft as easy as possible. This will get me used to how more expensive drones such as the Bebop or the DJI Phantoms operate when I plan to get a good camera drone for future projects. This is the unboxing, review, and sample hover of this cool flying machine! Another video will soon be released when the weather breaks to see how good of a flyer it is in airplane mode.


JXD 515W Invaders Micro FPV WiFi Whoop Drone Flight Test Review


This little WiFi FPV drone has minimal lag to allow accurate FPV flying. It’s the closest thing to a WiFi version of the Tiny Whoop. Find it here, and try coupon code 515W https://goo.gl/EvMnai

Uses Exploration UFO app, available on Play https://goo.gl/ACWcVJ and iTunes https://goo.gl/CUNKHJ

– This small FPV quadcopter is well protected for indoor flying. Propellers are well protected with ducts and with added protective cage on top of the ducts.
– Can also be flown outdoors.
– Can also be flown and controlled via its app.
– WiFi FPV lag is very low. Can easily fly this FPV indoors or out using your phone screen to view real time in-flight video.
– Although recorded video is only 480p, it is relatively good quality. And it’s also relatively smooth with little frame dropping due to the low lag of the FPV transmitter.
– Includes altitude hold, automatic landing, and headless mode to help new fliers.
– Does not require FAA registration.

– Uses unusual 7.4V 350mah 402545 LiPo battery with white Losi connector.
– Does not have one key return.

Affiliate links: At no cost to you, I do receive a small commission for sales resulting from these links.

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