WLtoys Q393-A FPV altitude hold quadcopter review and flight


Buy it at Gearbest: https://goo.gl/kKacVt

The WLToys Q393-A is a new FPV quadcopter with altitude hold, remote adjustable camera, telemetry in the transmitter, and up to 13 minutes of flight time.

Also available are the following:
WLToys Q393 (No Camera): https://goo.gl/rkj4um
WLToys Q393-E (WiFi FPV): https://goo.gl/r8cMDx

Flight performance wise it is not too bad at all, relatively speedy in the high speed mode for its size. Performs decent in the wind but you definitely use the high speed mode in winds over 10MPH.

Flight times are around 10-12 minutes and you have at least 1 minute after the LVC starts to return and land safely. Speaking of the LVC when it actually goes into that mode the quadcopter flashes AND the transmitter beeps so you don’t have to watch the quadcopter to know.

Video quality is not too bad but I feel it could be a little bit sharper, FOV is very high, and there is some video wobble. I think a lot of the video wobble is caused by unbalanced propellers because the wobble was a lot less before I nicked a tree.

The remote adjustment works as advertised and while the actual range of adjustment is short the high FOV makes up for it.

The transmitter is very nice featuring an LCD screen that displays flight mode, speed mode, actual quadcopter speed, altitude (in meters), and flight time in a seconds format.

FPV screen works good but it could be a little brighter as it can be hard to see in the sun. FPV latency is very low and the signal quality is very good.

Overall a pretty decent quadcopter and I enjoyed flying it.

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Syma X20 Altitude Hold Micro Drone Flight Test Review


This indoor altitude hold quadcopter is a great and inexpensive beginner’s learn to fly quadcopter. Find it here https://goo.gl/xtMA1z

– Very easy to fly.
– Includes altitude hold.
– Automatic takeoff and landing.
– Headless mode
– Inexpensive yet good quality little quadcopter. Great for beginner fliers.
– Well under 250 grams. Does not require FAA registration.

– Slide button controllers feel a little unusual if you’re used to control sticks.
– Internal battery. Requires recharging between flights. Can’t swap batteries in the field to keep flying.

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Calibration your SYMA quadcopter to fix altitude hold barometer problems #Drone #How to


Just a simple way to fix altitude hold problems with syma quadcopters. If this doesnt fix your issue, like mine you might need to replace the main board.


Syma X8HG – RC Quadcopter mit FullHD 8MP Kamera von Lightake.com // Testbericht & Testflug


Mein Review zum aktuellen Syma X8HG Quadcopter mit 8MP Full HD Kamera und Höhenfunktion – erhältlich bei Lightake: http://bit.ly/2odFcXz

Der Quadcopter hält die Flughöhe via Barometer und hat 2 Geschwindigkeiten. Die Reichweite beträgt ca 80-100 Meter, Flugzeit ca 6-8 Minuten, Ladezeit ca 180 Minuten.
Die Kamera macht für eine beiliegende Onboard Kamera einen guten Eindruck – Aufnahme in 1920×1080 /30FPS mit Ton

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Syma X5UW new quadcopter with WiFi FPV and altitude hold (thanks to gearbest)


Get yours at Gearbest: https://goo.gl/0GwMwg
Use promo code RC18OFF for 18% off quadcopters

This new quadcopter from Syma is a decent flyer and with the WiFi FPV combined with the altitude hold I was able to fly using only the FPV.

Great altitude hold
Stable flight
Decent battery life

Camera has a ripple effect from vibration
Can’t control motion with phone and transmitter at the same time
Could have slightly more pitch


SYMA X20 cheap mini altitude hold quadcopter review


Buy it at Banggood: https://goo.gl/BQudg2

Note: The above link is an affiliate link and I make a small commission if you buy something at no cost to you.

The SYMA X20 is a nice mini quadcopter featuring altitude hold, flip mode, up to 5 minutes of flight time, and a new unique transmitter.

Altitude hold holds pretty well with the occasional spike up or down but for the most part stays in the same general area. Speed is decent in the highest speed mode but it isn’t the fastest quadcopter I’ve ever flown.

It’s can fly decent outdoors on a calm day but this quadcopter really shines indoors with no external forces like wind.

Overall I think it’s a pretty decent flyer for the price.


h501s Altitude Hold Extreme Speed In Crazy 17+MPH Winds ! (Quad’s Camera Footage at End of Video)


I was Crazy to fly in those Winds, Especially in Altitude Hold !!! Almost Crashed 3 Times !! After Oiling The Bearings, The Quad Was So Fast, I could Barely Control It Did Not fly the H109S X4 Pro Because of the wind, But that Will Be Next !


XK X300 quadcopter with optical flow positioning and altitude hold


Buy it at Gearbest: https://goo.gl/FX57kN
Gearbest 3rd Anniversary sale: https://goo.gl/3i4Utu

Pardon the low light in some parts, my camera was on the wrong setting

Note: The above link is an affiliate link and if you click it I will make a small commission with no extra cost to you.

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and check out the general sales here:

Overall the XK X300 has become one of my quadcopters to fly, the position hold works great with the optical flow sensor and the altitude hold holds height pretty good.

Flight times are great at around 13-15 minutes and the camera records some decent video with no video jello. The FPV has a pretty clear pictures with only small amounts of signal loss (static) and a very small (maybe 200ms max) latency.

Position hold works better with surfaces that have a slight pattern and something like a solid sheet of snow won’t hold position very well.

As I said at the beginning this is one of my favorite quadcopters and I’m pretty happy with it.


Video Drone – Cemetery Flying with the UpAir One!


Please visit http://Video-Drone.DIY3DTech.com for more information on this and many other projects! As in this episode, we will be doing some cemetery flying with the UpAir. Having been involved with Fine Art photography for many years, I have found cemetery can be beautiful and amazing place to capture images and have in fact photographed them around the world. So I decided to take the UpAir and try my hand at shooting some monument video at one near by. However the wind was not cooperative as well as some “lookey-lou’s” who might not have had the best intentions (cemetery’s are dangerous places as they are visited mostly by the elderly and they are secluded making them prime targets for robbery so always use care). In addition, I got some strange jello-ing too which I did not see on my first UpAir so not sure if it was wind and cold or other issues…

UPair 2.7K Video Camera Drone with 7 inch FPV Screen Live View 5.8G RC Quadcopter,Return to Home Function, Position Hold Headless Altitude-Hold Switch Mode Aerial Photography Beginner Drone:

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Skyzone SKY-700D 5.8GHz 32CH Diversity 7” FPV Monitor DVR by GoolRC:

GoolRC 7.4V 2200mAh 25C 2S Lipo Battery with JST Plug for Skyzone SKY-700D FPV Diversity Monitor


UDI U28W Peregrine Quadcopter Drone Flight Test Review


UDI U28W PEREGRINE is a nano drone with so many features, including altitude hold, fpv, headless mode, automatic take off and emergency landing. In this flight test review we look at it on a whole.

This Quadcopter – http://amzn.to/2m5M4VS

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