Quadcopter Flying Over The Ancient “Devil’s Doorway” In Peru


Quadcopter Flying Over The Ancient “Devil’s Doorway” In Peru, Near Lake Titicaca there is a recess carved into the sandstone bedrock unknown as to who made it, when and why. The local people see glowing orbs entering and leaving this portal at night, and my quadcopter Pachacutec was sent to explore it. More videos and articles about it here:https://hiddenincatours.com/?s=Amaru+Muru
http://DanielOfDoriaa.Com, http://Hiddeinincatours.com


2016-12-30 WTOTOY HMF600 Quadcopter Build Part #2 Update


WTOTOY HMF600 H-Shaped Carbon Fiber Alien Rack Foldable Quadcopter build update.

Purchased carbon fiber frame kit on Aliexpress from Wi Model’s Store for about CDN$70. All the rest of the parts needed were also purchased on Aliexpress. There is the link to the frame: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/F11101-HMF600-RC-Drone-Quadcopter-Frame-Kit-Carbon-Fiber-Foldable-H-Shaped-Alien-Rack-with-Landing/32749049396.html

APM 2.8 Flight Controller
FlySky FS-i6B Receiver
FlySky FS-i6 6-channel RC Transmitter Remote Control
TAROT 2814/700KV motors
30A SimonK ESC’s with BEC
Minim V1.1 OSD
LED Flasher PCB with 8x 3W Blue LED’s
Ublox M8N GPS/Compass Module
1238 Props
TAROT T2-2D TL2D01 2-axis Gimbal
8-way Power Distribution PCB


Quadcopter – Advance Australia Fair!


Celebrating Australia day.. Acro was not possible…. lol

Please watch: “Quadcopter Acro – Big Rolls Up In The Sky”



UFOs near astronauts during Olympic Torch show, on space station, Sept 1, 2016. UFO Sightings Daily.


Date of sighting: Sept 1, 2016
Location of sighting: Earths orbit at space station

LOL, when the Russian astronaut sees the two-three UFOs fly in front of him as he holds the GoPro camera, he totally loses it and fumbles to the right trying to pull away from the UFOs and keep his balance. Also, notice the two brighter UFOs get frightened by his sudden movement and they both make a 135 degree sharp turn, and head downward. Kinda cool, and impossible for a floating piece of debris to preform, but easy for a living creature or alien drone to do.

This was a live broadcast on Youtube and lasted for about 25-30 minutes, the was placed on an eternal loop. I quickly spotted many white entities moving about. I say entities, not UFOs because they looked small, drone size, but others were tiny…bee size and a few zigzagged which should be impossible in space for a non living or non controlled object. Thus, they were evidence of life.

There are only two small clips of these white UFOs in this video below, then the last 6-7 minutes is dedicated to the the Russians display of the Olympic Tourch, which kinda looks like a Klingon bat’leth.

Oh…Youtube lets you do full screen and up the clarity to HD 750 or higher, also put it in slow mode…this way you see those little white buggers.
Scott C. Waring


AWESOME! Quadcopter pilot crashes into his own head * ORIGINAL *


Totally sweet

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Tiny FPV Race Quadcopter Tarot 120 // Setup // Tips // Flight


I really love this small tiny FPV Race Copter – Almost Ready to Fly – available at Gearbest http://goo.gl/maZgvy for under 150$.
Comes in 120 mm Frame, 6a BlHeli ESC, 1104 4000 KV Motors, 300 mW Video TX, 520 TVL NTSC or PAL Cam, F1 Flight Controller with SBUS connector.

In this XXL Video will i explain all the components of this Almost Ready to Fly FPV Quadcopter.
Give some Tips for optimize this Copter for better usage. Also some FPV Cam Flight Footage from 16:25 and some HD Cam Footage.

RCGroups Thread: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2707892

Recommend additional components:
– FrSky X9D http://goo.gl/h0wpTT
– FrSky XSR Receiver http://goo.gl/jHsmBu
– FPV Head Mounted Googles http://goo.gl/vtJIjw
– Gemfan 3025 BN PC http://goo.gl/Z2j5x7
– M2 x 7mm Alloy Steel Hex Socket Head Cap Screws for Gemfan Props
– Turnigy 3S 460mAh 25-40C

Flying Fishkopp
Fly hard or fly home! – FPV Racer Hamburg


Space Engineers – Surviving an Alien Planet – Part 7


Space Engineers – Surviving an Alien Planet – Part 7

Connecting the second drilling platform to the ore transporter drone path for the resource collecting.

This is kinda a “tutorial” of how to setup the waypoints and actions for the autopilot autodocking ore transport drone. No scripts, no mods, it is all in game features.
Ok, this is the best I can do, not very clear I guess, but, I hope it helps or something.

I started this Survival world using this mods
Immersive Alternate Start by Cloaksville

Easy Inventory by Draygokorvan

The next mods needs manual installation and it is only for visual modification
Colored Ore & Ingots by BlackRedDead

Custom Transparent UI


Martian II VS Martian FPV Quadcopter Frame Review and Build-out


Review of the Martian II Quadcopter Frame and comparing it to it’s predecessor the standard Martian. We thal about the new DYS XS30A ESC, TBS Unify Pro and the DYS SE2205 Pro Motors.

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Review of the Martian II frame and we compare it to its predecessor the Standard Martian. Just like myself I’m sure you’ve watched Mr. Steele flying his Impulse RC Alien 5″ and been amazed. I fell in love with the Alien the first time I saw it. It’s purple hardware just set it of. But if your like a lot of people it’s hefty price tag of $125 might be a little steep. This video highlights the Martian II which is a Clone of the Alien at about 1/3rd the price. We also Compare it to the Previous version the standard Martian. In addition we do a short review of the DYS XS30A BLHeli S ESC’s, the DYS SE2205 Pro Motors, the TBS Unify Pro VTX and the SP Racing F3.

— http://www.facebook.com/xframesfpv


(HD) Universe Under Water Blow Mind (Full Documentary)


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Blow Mind Documentary 2016, HD Universe Under Water,

Drones which are capable for photography , video recording Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Quadricopter Controlled by iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, .

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