Video Drone – Cemetery Flying with the UpAir One!


Please visit for more information on this and many other projects! As in this episode, we will be doing some cemetery flying with the UpAir. Having been involved with Fine Art photography for many years, I have found cemetery can be beautiful and amazing place to capture images and have in fact photographed them around the world. So I decided to take the UpAir and try my hand at shooting some monument video at one near by. However the wind was not cooperative as well as some “lookey-lou’s” who might not have had the best intentions (cemetery’s are dangerous places as they are visited mostly by the elderly and they are secluded making them prime targets for robbery so always use care). In addition, I got some strange jello-ing too which I did not see on my first UpAir so not sure if it was wind and cold or other issues…

UPair 2.7K Video Camera Drone with 7 inch FPV Screen Live View 5.8G RC Quadcopter,Return to Home Function, Position Hold Headless Altitude-Hold Switch Mode Aerial Photography Beginner Drone:

UPair One Drone with 4K Camera Bundle with Accessories (11 Items):

Skyzone SKY-700D 5.8GHz 32CH Diversity 7” FPV Monitor DVR by GoolRC:

GoolRC 7.4V 2200mAh 25C 2S Lipo Battery with JST Plug for Skyzone SKY-700D FPV Diversity Monitor


Drone and Osmo Paddle Board Commercial Lake County, Il Standup and Flow Paddle Board Company


Drone and Osmo Paddle Board Commercial Lake County, Il Standup and Flow Paddle Board Company.
Here is today’s client! What a bunch of great people and such a cool business. This is not the final edit but it’s looking good!
Stand Up Paddle Boarding – No matter what your experience with stand up paddle boarding, this sport is for everyone, especially those seeking fun and adventure! Paddle solo or with friends/family as we play and experience lake life with only a thin layer of board between us and the water.

SUP Yoga – We believe that paddle boarding and sup yoga can allow people the opportunity and environment to disconnect with their thoughts and life’s distractions, so that they can more deeply connect to themselves and to others. In sup yoga we’ll play with our balance as we challenge our mind/body and bring our practice to a higher level. Plus, best savasana EVER!


AviSight Drone Academy Commercial

1489861053_hqdefault.jpg AviSight, the nation’s leading drone and manned aerospace services provider.


Commercial Real Estate: Louisville | Aerial Drone Footage | VizionAir


VizionAir is a Louisville Kentucky based aerial services company. That specializes in close proximity aerial services and disruptive media content. This video was filmed with a DJI Inspire 1 Pro Drone.

VizionAir helps tell the stories that matter most for your business or your life, by combining innovative modalities.

Specifically, drone solutions for both commercial & residential real estate is the new era of disruptive marketing.


Aerial Demo Reel Koality Studios


Aerial Demo Reel of Koality Studios Directed by Jemdost.

Now booking @ located in AZ will travel.

Hire us now for your aerial videography, videography, commercial, short film, paid collaboration, wedding, sports event real estate or music videos.


Syma X8SC Quadcopter Windy Test Flight Review


Here is my daytime test flight of the Syma X8SC.I had some pretty windy conditions to deal with during this flight but the powerfull X8SC did well in the wind regardless.

Check out the Syma X8SC here

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Commercial Drone Company and Service in Chicago and Milwaukee


Commercial Drone Company and Service in Chicago and Milwaukee. 224-237-5378
Every couple of years a new technological advancement revolutionizes industries around the globe. Innovations in drone technology–particularly in the small, “personal,” and quadcopter areas–has been rapid over the last few years; and drones are poised to radically change how people see and interact with the world around them. The uses are seemingly endless and every day someone comes up with a new, innovative way to incorporate drones into their business’s growth and development. FAA Regulation is Limiting the Commercial Use of Drones
The FAA considers drones to be small aircraft and because of this they have strict rules and regulations about both casual and commercial uses. This article focuses on the commercial applications of drones and the next steps that are necessary in order for drones to truly take the world by storm.
Future Commercial Uses for Drones
Currently, the use of drones for commercial purposes is restricted by the FAA unless the operator has a section 333 exemption. As of the posting of this article, barely 500 individuals and corporations have received section 333 exemptions- which allow the full, commercial use of drones. This is a disservice to the economy as drones have proven to have the ability to simplify and improve on many existing business processes.


2 Weeks with the DJI Inspire 2!


Everything was shot on the Inspire 2 with the X5s camera in h265/h264.


Epic Drone Crash


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A beautiful flight over the ocean in Newport Beach, CA ends with a surprise. The sunset was glorious and the waves were spectacular as I flew my drone around this arch rock when suddenly it crashed into a tree and was left hanging off a 30-foot cliff. I quickly ran down the rocky beach towards where it had disappeared. I couldn’t see it, but I was able to climb up the cliff and out on some tree branches and eventually found it. The drone was undamaged, and I carefully climbed all the way down again carrying it back to safety. This was using a DJI Phantom 3 consumer camera drone.

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New Jersey Commercial Office Space Drone Aerial Property Tours


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