Custom quadcopter with on board teensy and 72 addressable leds

My custom built 250 quadcopter with on board teensy 3.2 to drive 72 addressable leds powered by the 5v on ...
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Giant Agricultural Spray Drone Maiden Flight Testing

http://onlyflyingmachines.com/product/agr-4/ AX AGR-4 is an intelligent and powerful Quadcopter Drone designed to carry 10 liters of Liquid Pesticide or Fertilizers ...
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Drone Racing – Dare League Champ

Recap of the first Dare League race in the Netherlands on November 19th. This production by Formula FPV is a ...
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QAV 210 Quadcopter Beginners Build Guide

This is a step-by-step guide for beginners taking you through the process of building the QAV 210 DIY quadcopter kit ...
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Top Best Seller drone tools on Amazon You Shouldn’t Miss (Review 2017)

Top Best Seller drone tools on Amazon You Shouldn't Miss (Review 2017) Check Price Below⬇⬇⬇ 1.Vastar 5 in 1 Professional ...
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Walkera Runner 250r Unboxing (Greek)

Walkera Runner 250R Racing drone Unboxing source ...
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Hubsan H507A X4 Star WIFI FPV Follow Me Drone Unboxing

Hubsan H507A X4 Star WIFI FPV Follow me drone is the newest Quadcopter from Hubsan that comes with big claims ...
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Drone Trick Shots!

Drone Trick Shots with our friends at Cinechopper! They were the ones that built the rig to carry and drop ...
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KingKong Tiny7 75mm Mini Brushed FPV Racing Drone – Best Tiny Whoop Killer 2017

King Kong Tiny 7 75mm Micro FPV Quacopter With 720 Brushed Motors Baced on F3 Brush Flight Controller Product link ...
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New DJI Mavic Mini racing drone or DJI Spark Selfie drone Specifications

Leaked new DJI Mini drone DJI Spark or DJI Mavic Mini racing drone Specifications New DJI racing drone, Buy new ...
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