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Don’t miss this Show, Today it is about God and the nations. Download it, get it, and send it around. It is the Lord God and the coming end times on Prophecy and news. Today we discuss recent law and the Military defense bill along with gitmo. In this we find God and the believer, God and the nations, more specifically God and America. In this we find the judgment of the Lord God upon the nations, including this one. The thing called Judgment by the Lord God and the people who simply don’t believe this.
Moreover, it is about God and the Coming Conflagration, America, impossibility of survival in the flesh. The Lord God is our only hope, outlined, in order to find survival in the chaos called Jacobs Trouble. True to form and scripture it is God and the Generations of men, of which we speak on this edition of Battle lines. In the end time scenario of God of the Generations we look at the weapons of our Warfare? We also take part in God of the Generations and the End time Chess Game. God and the Generations, it is lock and load time with the spiritual arsenal of our Weaponry people.
Don’t miss this show! It is the only Lord God of the Generations on Prophecy and News tonight. It is he who was the dwelling place for our forefathers, for the Patriarchs, for the Apostles, for the early church, and it is our God who is our “dwelling place today”.
The God that calls the generations from the beginning!
Isa_41:4 Who hath wrought and done it, calling the generations from the beginning? I the LORD, the first, and with the last; I am he.
Amidst all the end time troubles, it is our God and Lord who brings his covenant to this generation and beyond. To keep us, guide us, and keep our steps from sliding.
It is the Lord God that has called the end of all time, including this one; clearly from the beginning. We are here, at the end; but God called this one from the beginning and us along with it. We are here, we are called, it is our time for the LORD God and his only begotten Son Jesus Christ. We are the ones to declare this generation for the LORD, the God of the Generations!

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