Practice Flights


On my second weekend of learning to fly my Gaui 500x quadcopter, I concentrated on hovering and landing. Things got better, I had lots of fun and most importantly I didn’t break anything! A big thanks to Knut Uppstad for his guidance and to my brother Larry for documenting my flights.

Here’s what I did: I took the camera mount off so it wouldn’t tip over if I had any lateral motion during landing. I practiced making small adjustments in the joystick controls and watched for the response as there is a small delay. I worked on hovering a few inches in elevation and then dropping to the ground. I made small changes in yaw so the front was always away from me. This is also important when landing so the motions are in the normal direction. If the wind started blowing a little, I would make small corrections to compensate.

This short video starts with take-offs, continues with flights and ends with landings. Enjoy!

Photography: Larry Medwin (using an iPhone 4S)
Music: Kevin MacLeod

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