Video guida modifiche Bebop 2 (RTH, Velocita atterraggio, USB mod)


Grazie al programma realizzato da Vanni Navari, è possibile modificare in maniera semplice e veloce alcuni parametri del Bebop 2
Si può modificare l’altezza del RTH, la velocità di atterragio, (io ho impostato il valore 0,6 per un atterraggio morbido, più basso=più morbido e viceversa) si può aggiungere la possibilità di usare una chiavetta USB per aumentare la memoria, e se si hanno problemi con il nuovo firmware, si può tornare velocemente al “vecchio”4.0.3.
In caso di downgrade al 4.0.3, bisogna aspettare qualche minuto in più, il drone potrebbe riavviarsi un paio di volte, è importante sempre attendere che l’intera procedura venga portata a termine.
Trovate il programma a questo link:
Qui test di atterraggio a 0,6


1700s Stone Dam vs Epic Flash Flood!!


Well we have been having rain and floods on an epic scale here in east Tennessee. Will the old stone dam built in the 1700s stand strong?? Well its made it this long huh? Thanks for watching


Best Quadcopter Flight Simulator of 2017


Best Quadcopter Flight Simulator of 2017

You can buy Best Quadcopter Flight Simulator of 2017 from below Amazon link:

1. Great Planes RealFlight RC Quadcopter Simulator

2. Phoenix R/C Pro V5.0 RC Quadcopter Simulator

3. Great Planes RealFlight RC Quadcopter Simulator

4. Runtime Games Phoenix Quadcopter Flight Simulator V5.0 w/DX4e Transmitter

5. AeroflyRC7 ULTIMATE Quadcopter Simulator for PC

Best Quadcopter Flight Simulator of 2017

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VLOG – Aprovechando el buen tiempo :) – fpv drone #Galicia


Aprovechando que hacía buen tiempo y de momento no hay gente por las playas, me gasté un par de lipos rápidas en un par de spots cercanos para sacar el mono. Aquí dejo la prueba
#ogrove #lanzada #galicia #turgalicia #sanxenxo

Emisora FrSky Taranis Q X7:
Rx FrSky D4r II:
Vtx Foxeer:
Cámara FPV:
RX Gafas: Diversity LaForge V2
Antena Patch:
Antenas Spironet v2:
Motores LDPower 2305 2600kv:
DALprop T5040:

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Thrust UAV 1003 Riot 250R Pro Edition FPV Racing Drone


buy now


The Thrust UAV riot 250R pro was built to stand out and disrupt the FPV racing market. The enhanced riot 250R pro is built upon the riot 250R, which has been own for almost 2 years by professional pilots and won many races. With feedback from professional pilots, the modifications made to the riot 250R pro take drone racing to the next level. Designed to maintain a low CG, this drone’s flight performance and handling make it one of the easiest race drones to fly right out of the box. Modular IFS and stm F4 micro flight controller the integrated flight system (IFS) includes a modular on-screen display (OSD) flight controller with Xm20 20Amp multishot high speed processor giving it the most efficiency with the highest power output currently available. Required to complete: transmitter & receiver, battery & charger, FPV equipment (goggles or monitor)the riot 250R pro also features: built in power distribution, filtered power for all the necessary systems, Omni directional, sma connectors, on-screen display with battery information and frequency, white gel coat carbon fiber frame the modular design of the IFS allows for fast and easy repairs and is lighter than standard racing drones due to the integration of the board. The IFS comes preconfigured so that you can start racing your drone right away.

Luftaufnahmen Burgruine Wolfstein mit Parrot Bebop 2 Drohne


mit Flightplan und frei geflogen, sowie weitere Impressionen.
The Parrot Bebop 2 drone with partly activated flight plan was used to film and take aerial views of the ruin Wolfstein near Neumarkt i.d.Opf. Bavaria, Germany.
Da es an dem Tag extrem stürmisch war bei gleichzeitig schlechtem Licht, sind nicht alle Luft- Aufnahmen der Ruine Wolfstein so geworden wie wir uns das gewünscht haben. Trotzdem leistet die kleine Parrot Bebop 2 Drohne Erstaunliches – gemessen an ihrem Preis! Lasst euch überraschen!

Einen Screenshot des Flugplans / Flight Plan und weitere einzelne Fotos findet ihr auf meiner Facebook-Seite:

Music – “The Handyman`s Lament” by Josh Woodward.Free download:

Weitere Infos zur Burgruine Wolfstein gibts hier:

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… schaut mal in meinen Kanal … da gibt’s noch mehr … auch zu anderen Themen ….


Bayangtoys X16 GPS “Upgraded Version” Drone Flight Test Review


Finally got a chance to review the GPS version of this popular quadcopter. To identify the upgraded GPS version, it literally has a GPS label pasted on the top antenna dome. Find it here

– Selectable GPS Position Hold or Altitude Hold.
– Automatic return to home and landing on push of a button, loss of signal, and also apparently low battery. But I wouldn’t recommend relying on low battery RTH for all your flights as there may come a time when you’re too far away to make it back safely.
– Headless mode.
– Plenty of power to easily lift a GoPro, and should also be able to lift a stabilized gimbal as well.
– Good flight time at over 13 minutes with its 3S 2200mah battery.
– It’s one of the cheapest GPS brushless motor quadcopters out there.

– Lots of vibration and video jello. Will need to do prop balancing and or adding a dampened camera mount to reduce. Recommend the camera credit card mount as a quick and simple first try to reduce the vibs
– If flying at high speed, you may outrun the capability of the GPS system to keep up with the quadcopter. If toilet bowl effect (TBE) wobbling is noticed, simply slow down or stop to let the GPS catch up.
– Over 250 grams. Definitely requires FAA registration in USA.

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NEW Apple iPad Air 2 128GB, Wi-Fi, 9.7in – Gold with Touch ID (Latest Model)


NEW Apple iPad Air 2 128GB, Wi-Fi, 9.7in – Gold with Touch ID (Latest Model)

Price : 38.62

Ends on : 2017-05-28 04:31:32

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JOHN DEERE 6930 ; 6920S ; 6620 + JCB 536-60 Ramassage de pierre [DJI]


Salut à tout mes chère abonnée aujourd’hui on se retrouve pour une vidéo sur le ramassage de pierre pour le semis des lentilles.