New Year’s Day Finger Flight


A beautiful day for flying! I met 2 new RC buddies, Jay and Jason, while practicing flying with my new XP1 from XPro Heli in the field right across the street from my house. I suggested they grab something to fly from their auto body shop on the edge of the field so I could film them. My footage was so-so, as there was lots of shaky, wobbly images probably due to my aggressive flying.

So I’m flying around for 3 minutes when the power to all 4 motors mysteriously cut at about 4 feet off the ground. I pressed the battery plugs together and started flying, when I should have called it a day and trougble-shot the problem. I flew for another 3 minutes when it happened again from about 15′ up. Distracted, I forgot to unplug the battery before picking up the craft. The thing turned on, and the 10″ blades cut my finger deeply. Let this be a warning to slow down follow protocol when dealing with sharp propellers.

As of this writing (1 week after the accident) I have no feeling on the outside half of my pinky, and need to see a hand doctor to see if we can fix the severed nerve.

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