Help Me! Guide to Android for Seniors: Introduction to Android Phones and Tablets for Beginners


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Need help with your new Android phone or tablet? Are you new to smartphones in general, or coming from an iPhone or Blackberry? The Guide to Android for Seniors is a book written specifically for those who have difficulty using electronics, such as phones, personal computers, and tablet computers. There is a wealth of knowledge about all types of Android devices in this book, regardless of the manufacturer or model, and can be easily accessed and navigated for quick reference.

Whether you are puzzled about managing your electronic address book, or how to take and send a picture to a friend, you will find the information in this guide. The Internet is riddled with advanced tips and tricks, but the goal of this book is to sort through the extra information to simplify your first experience with using an Android phone or tablet.

Help is here!

Here are some examples of the topics discussed in this guide:

– Charging the Device
– Finding the Android Buttons
– Calling a Contact
– Assigning a Speed Dial
– Using the Speakerphone During a Voice Call
– Adding a New Contact
– Composing a New Text Message
– Adding an Attachment to a Text Message
– Taking a Picture
– Capturing a Video
– Navigating to a Web Page
– Setting Up Email
– Setting Up a Google Account
– Buying an Application
– Importing Your Contacts from Another Phone
– Adjusting the Brightness
– Saving on Data Costs with Your Phone

PLUS, what to do when the phone

– Does not turn on
– Can’t make a call
– Touchscreen does not respond as expected

…and much more!

In order to read this guide on your phone or tablet, you need to download the Kindle application from the Play Store. Touch the applications icon (looks like a grid of squares) at the bottom of the screen, and then touch the magnifying glass at the top to search for “Kindle”. Once the application is installed, touch the blue Amazon Kindle icon in your application list, and log in using your Amazon username and password to view your digital library. Once purchased from this page, the book will automatically appear in your library.