Fish Creek Falls – Steamboat Springs, CO


Steamboat Springs provided us with plenty of awesome filming opportunities! Top of the list was Fish Creek Falls, one of the most easily accessible and beautiful waterfalls in Colorado. Rumor has it that this waterfall is what inspired the logo on the Coors can! It’s a magical place, unfortunately to get the best views you are forced to go way off the beaten track. Fear not! Relax as we bring you the falls as no one has ever seen them before!

This short film includes clips shot over 2 days. One 20 minute morning session and a 15 minute late afternoon shoot. It turned out to be an amazing opportunity to capture the falls!

Shot with a custom built Spidex quad and a Hero3 shooting at 2.7k w/ protunes on. This setup also has a circular polarized filter on the camera.

All editing was done in CC with PrPro. Footage was converted to ProRes for editing.

Check out for more information or to learn more about our low altitude aerial cinematography from this shoot.

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