DJI Phantom – Santa Cruz, California


After our time at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, we went over to the Surfing Museum and despite the very heavy and crazy winds, Ben and I decided to fly our Phantoms.

Now Ben is new to flying the Phantoms and he is a young, adventurous and crazy kid! He flew pretty close over the surf and air holes would just drop his Phantom several feet, almost making him hit the surf.

I took a little safer flying approach and kept the Phantom at a constant level, just a little higher than the cliffs. There the winds were not too bad and so flying was much easier.

Have you seen the movie “Chasing Mavericks?” – it’s a pretty cool movie based on a true story from about that area. After a strong winter storm in the northern Pacific Ocean, waves can routinely crest at over 25 feet and top out at over 80 feet. The break is caused by an unusually shaped underwater rock formation. Those are the Mavericks!

Flown with a DJI Phantom, ARRIS Gimbal and a GoPro Hero3 Black.

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