Clarinette (Albino Butterfly) – live@CIRMMT


Playing ‘Clarinette (Albino Butterfly)’ on the sponge at McGill University on November 3, 2011.

‘Clarinette’ is an electroacoustic piece for the sponge. Sonic materials include clarinet samples (thanks to Krista Martynes) and waveguide synthesis. One of the goals was to use the sponge to establish a clear link between gesture and sound. I designed and built the sponge. It is arduino based and the sensors used are 2 3D accelerometers and 2 FSRs. The wireless connection is via XBee. The software is SuperCollider.

Thanks to Sylvain Pohu, Pierre-Alexandre Tremblay, Heather Roche, Julien Boissinot and Harold Kilianski for making this concert possible.

This concert was produced by the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Music, Media and Technology (CIRMMT).

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