Summer 2K15 – GoPro Hero4 Black Edition


Adventures of me and my brother. (feat Justin, Vincent, Brian , David, Alex) [Part 1]

Cancun, Mexico
Wilmington, Delaware

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Drone crash


Traktor Web to kanał na temat traktorów, kombajnów i innych maszyn rolniczych. Znajdziecie tu filmy na temat sadzenia, hodowli, nawożenia, żniw i orania. Większość materiałów powstaje w gospodarstwach lub u producentów traktorów. Subskrybuj ten kanał i bądź na bieżąco!

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UK: Trekkerweb is a channel, with video’s about tractors, combines and other machines. Herein you can see parts of planting, growing, fertilization, harvesting and ploughing
DE: Trekkerweb ist der Video-Kanal in den Niederlanden. Der landwirtschaftlich orientierte Verlag liefert Film und Video aus den Bereichen der Aussaat, Pflege und Ernte auf dem Acker und über Maschinen vom Traktor bis zum Selbstfahrer.




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Couple Trip to Dominican Republic – Dji Phantom 2 HD


This video was filmed at Bahia Principe’s Luxury Resort Cayo Levantado, as well as the El Portillo Resort. Filmed with GoPro Hero3+, GoPro 4 Black, and the DJI Phantom 2 drone. Highlights include aerial footage of the resort situated on a small island, as well as shots of a catamaran sailing through the Atlantic Ocean. Come with us and explore its beauty


Parrot MiniDrones Jumping Night Product Review


If you’re right into modern technology, then you know that the most up to date craze right now is drones. You can discover a ton of different drones offered but you’ll be tough pressed to discover one as amazing as well as exciting as the Parrot MiniDrones Jumping Night.

That’s because this drone revved it up a notch with just what it’s capable of doing and this makes many of the warm plaything checklists. This is a light up drone so it can steer in dark locations in your house such as under furnishings or with the lights off.

It’s enjoyable to utilize at night outside along with during the day. It’s illuminate so it could quickly be seen from a range, also. The LED lights shine on anything in its path – plus, it has a video camera so you can see where it’s going.

The camera could stream video so youngsters can watch replays. And it’s built for rate with a first-rate motor. Unlike various other drones, this could swiftly start and also reach up to 8 miles per hour.

Plus, the body is durable as well as can hold up against hard play and scenarios. Not just does the Jumping Night have the corner on how rapid it can travel but this one is special in that it has the capability to leap.

Not just small little elevations, either. This drone has the ability to jump a mind blowing 2.4 feet up right into the air. You could send it flying up over items and also it’s incredible to enjoy it go.

The back wheels are extremely huge, which aid the drone maintain its balance – but the wheels additionally provide it the capability to maintain that faster speed that leaves various other drones sitting still.

This makes it hard to beat in a race with the size paired with the grip capability. The drone is agile as well as tough also with the capacity making 90 and 180 degree transforms effortlessly.

It also has the ability to spin 360s like it’s simply taking a drive. Considering that it has a sound speaker as well as microphone created right into the drone, kids could listen as well as talk via the drone.

There are app controls that youngsters can use to have the drone make whatever activities they want it making. Plus, the drone could move forward and in reverse or jump.

You do need to have accessibility to Wi-Fi to be able to utilize the drone as well as it is compatible with mobile phone and tablet devices. The drone operates making use of the food selection as well as it has the ability of being able to connect from regarding 50 meters away. The collection includes the drone, a battery, the USB cable and an extra rubber pad.


Race Drone? Parrot Drone? Kids Drone? ……. NO! Party Drone!!!!


Check out the lighting Effects on this Drone!
What do you do when you’re home alone, Drone Party! That is if your Drone can do it. This Drone can! Check it out!

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How to train your parrot to jump on finger


You can buy cheap bird toys here;

How to train your parrot to come to your finger;

Hello Youtubers,
In this video,I have shown how to teach your birds/parrots to jump on to your finger.
It may take few days to months,depends on bird,to train them.
But be patient and keep teaching and your bird will effectively learn that.
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I was attempting an inverted flat spin with my modified SRD 250 V3 Storm Racing Drone from Helipal when I accidentally disarmed the drone from 300 feet up! This turned off the motors and made the drone crash head first into a clump of tall dense reeds. I managed to recover the quad and gopro and miraculously NOT A SINGLE COMPONENT WAS BROKEN OR DAMAGED! Amazing, right? Turns out reeds absorb impacts from model aircraft pretty well, go figure. As for the disarming, the quadcopter turns off the motors completely if you pull the left stick all the way down and to the left, which is what I think I did during my maneuver.

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AR.Drone 2.0 Video: 2016/09/20


Video recorded with a Parrot AR.Drone!

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My Killer Drone!


November 4, 2016 (Vlog 11)
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