ArduCopter V2 in Action – Full navigation in AUTO mode


Full autonomous flights and navigation of the QRO (Quad Rotor Observer) with the firmware Arducopter v2.0.56a
Successful tests of modes: ALT_HOLD, LOITER, AUTO, WP_SAVE, STABLE, SIMPLE.
The heading is locked with the help of a 3 axis magnetometer, the altitude is only locked by a barometric pressure (no sonar and no optical flow sensor).

Avionic setup:
– Ardupilot Mega (Atmega 2560 @16 MHz), 32 Mips
– Full 9DOF IMU,
– Built-in 16 MB Data Logger,
– Absolute pressure sensors (Bosh) for altitude,
– triple axis magnetometer HMC5843,
– 10Hz Mediatek GPS.
– firmware Arducopter V2.0.56a (JLN updated)

– Receiver: Turnigy 9X8C v2
– Transmitter: Turnigy 9x
– uBec 5V @ 5A Turnigy

Hardware Setup:
– four brushless motors RC Timer BC-2836/11 (750 KV)
– two CW propellers 12 x 4.5
– two CCW propellers 12 x 4.5
– fours ESC 40A RC Timer speed controllers
– one Lipo battery 3S Turnigy Nano-Tech 2200 mAh

– Take Off Weight (TOW): 988 g without payload

– Flight time: about 10 min

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