arDrone in Death Valley California with REPLAY XD camera


Join me for a quick spin around Death Valley with my arDrone. it’s entirely iPhone compatible and self stabilized, nothing to know about helicopters, just plug in and fly.

The Replay XD camera is simply awesome, I beat the snot out of it all weekend and it is still playing hard and having fun, and I love how easy it is to mount. I left a couple of crashes in the video, the camera is BELOW the arDrone so it lands first… incredible strong camera.

Camera mounted with a 3D printed bracket to the bottom of the arDrone, facing backwards so the props do not show up in the image.

The drone is controlled with the RCmod, the desert posed two big problems, WIND.. shoot, some of the video is filmed while flying full stick to stay in one place.. and secondly, getting up high, I learned the hard way that it is very hard to see the drone against the sun..!

If you have a urge to mount a GoPro on your arDrone, the GoPro Beefy bracket is available on ShapeWays
RCmod control system from
Kindly edited by Chad Johnson –

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