Solo 3DR Drone Crash – Disconnected from GPS and controler then flew off and crashed

Solo 3DR drone loses GPS, automatically enters manual mode then flies backwards out of control and crashes. I have around ...
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When Drone Flying Goes Wrong (almost) | Action Water Sports

During a video shoot, our 3DR Solo drone randomly decided to go into "Return Home Mode". You don't know exactly ...
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3DR Solo M8N GPS How To and Test

In this tutorial I install the m8n mini 8 Module from RTF Quads into my 3DR Solo. All modifications are ...
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New DJI The Spark MM1A The new UAV Drone from DJI

Fresh news from the DJI camp The Spark is about to ignite! Website: http://www.onthekitchentable.info (videos are categorised and fully searchable) ...
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3DR Solo in test with 4W Amps + REXUAV 2.4GHz CP Long Range Antenna

The test is reaching only 1.3KM with wifi interference at a crowded residential area source ...
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Inspire Drone Setup and Tips!

Here's the drones I would get in order of my favorite. We use the DJI Inspire 1 for our videos ...
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3DR Solo Drone Crash Video Full Length Fly Away

Here the footage of the abandoned grain elevator I was shooting when my Solo Drone went hard right (1:36 mark) ...
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3DR Solo Drone Quadcopter for GoPro Hero Newest Rev B GPS – UAV 3DRobitics SA11A

3DR Solo Drone Quadcopter for GoPro Hero Newest Rev B GPS - UAV 3DRobitics SA11A Price : 279.0 Ends on ...
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Maiden flight of SOLO SMART DRONE

Boomer takes his 3DR SOLO Drone to a local park for the first test flight. All went well. Kept it ...
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Top 5 Amazing Drones of 2017

Top 5 Amazing Drones of 2017 This Are The Official Links From Where You Can Know More About This Gadgets ...
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