20130731:: Endurance Testing the 3DR Quad


I wanted to try a simple experiment to figure out what kind of endurance I could expect out of the new 3DRobotocs quadcopter I got. So I pre=programmed a short flight, then manually flew it around. The pre-programmed fight took it to 100m AGL and back, but that was only the first few minutes. I attached a small LiPo voltmeter/alarm to it so I could figure out when to land. I mounted it so I could see it from the ground. And yes, I ordered the voltage monitor hardware from 3DR so I don’t have to do it this way. The quad is stock with the small motors and the 4200 3s LiPo. I hung the GoPro HD Hero3 Black Edition from the frame with some Velcro to film the flight (and time it, too). The results: about 12:40 in the air, and the LiPo was at 10.6VDC when I landed. Frankly, I just got tired of flying it around.

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